First Pair and First Hello!

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    Hello All!

    I just got my first pair of CLs and had to share them with fellow CL lovers!

    May I introduce Feticha 120 in black patent leather:

  2. :welcome2:

    Congrats on your first pair- they're gorgeous!!
  3. How funny! We've got another YAYA here! :P

    Gorgeous new shoes and welcome to the CL Looney Bin!!!
  4. welcome! And way to start off with a bang- those shoes are HOT!
  5. congratulations on a gorgeous pair and welcome!
  6. Well hello yaya5! Your Fetichas look fierce on you!
  7. :welcome2: and congrats on a gorgeous first pair!
  8. The black patent fetichas are gorgeous and look stunning on you. Big congrats on your first pair and welcome.
  9. welcome, yaya5 from yaya3!!! tell us about your name. do you have 5 grandchildren??? :lol:
  10. YaYa, welcome to the club, such a great way to start.
  11. jetsetgo, I was thinking the same thing, TWO yayas??! Now I'm going to have to clarify which yaya I'm talking about, lol.

    Yaya, welcome to the CL subforum and congrats on your first pair!!! And how brave you are to get fetichas!! Do they feel okay on the feet for extended periods of time(I just bought a pair and they hurt!)?
  12. Way to start with the fetichas. Congratulations :flowers:
  13. ya'll don't be getting us confused now. :nono:
  14. I'd never confuse you with anyone else, yaya3:heart:
  15. rdgldy, :heart: you!!