first paddington- what colour?

  1. Hi everybody,

    i am new to the forum and this is my first post, but i have been so impressed by everyone's expertise.

    the other day, i suddenly decided that after having loved the paddington from afar for ages, i am going to bite the bullet and get one. now i can think of nothing else!

    i really wanted it in a classic colour, so am debating between the nutmeg and the black...what do you guys think? is there a difference in the leathers or how well they age? one of the things that might put me off the black one is that in some pics i've seen, the black has contrast/light stitching? is that right or am i crazy?

    any opinions/comments would be really welcome and thanks!!!!
  2. I like either one! I have a whiskey which I guess is basically the same as the nutmeg. On the other hand black does "go" with everything! But I wouldn't like the light-colored contrasting stitching so much.
  3. whiskey, personally think black hides the leather's beauty......
  4. I love my tan as it seems to go with everything!
  5. im going to throw taupe into the mix, its a devine shade, and I really have not found a colour that I am wearing that it has not gone with yet.

    Big welcome to you too by the way. Taupe piccie here

    piccie of my taupe here in the middle,

    and they have just bought out a taupe metallic on NAP too ;)
  6. Red red red

    But hey I don't think its the most popular colour but I love it!
  7. Blue Jeans Moyen

    Absolutely perfect with faded jeans and I haven't seen any posts on the board talking about this color!
  8. Muscade (nutmeg) is a recent colour. The "classic" Chloe colours would have to be tan, whiskey and chocolate brown. All very hard to find at the moment! I have a '06 chocolate and the leather collapses so well.
  9. There are too many gorgeous colours to pick up the absolute best one, but from black and whiskey I would go for whiskey :yes:
    ITA with chloebabe - taupe is gorgeus option too:graucho: It was my 1. paddington and is still one of my most carried bags... it goes with all possible colours!
    If I personally could have just one paddington it would be some cream shade, propably craie :love:
    There's a perfect paddington colour for everyone, and always too many options!
  10. I agree with Seahorse. I think that black hides the leather. I have choco, whiskey, tan, and blanc. I personally love the brown tones in the Paddy.:yes:
  11. I never get tired of seeing the pics of your bags chloe-babe....especially the Taupe. :love:
  12. I would choose Whiskey (or nutmeg) over black because this color goes with absolutely everything and the color is magnificent. NO other designer does Whiskey (or chocolate, or mousse, or bleu nuit or blanc) quite like Chloe. But everyone does black. So get the color that will set you apart from the pack and will truly show the beauty of the bag and its glorious leather!
  13. I would get a brown shade as it goes with almost every colour minus black whereas black does not go with every colour - I have tobacco and its stunning!
  14. For what ever it's worth I just bought my first Paddy and I went with Taupe. I originally chose creme and then returned it; I didn't think it was very versatile. But that was for my wardrobe.

    I would really look at your predominant colors; are they basic (black, white, reds), do you have allot of earth tones? Pastels?

    This should really help your descision process. Good Luck!

    Oh and then once you decide you then have to find the bag; double good luck!!!!!!!:rolleyes: