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  1. Noticed this 05 bubblegum pink first on eBay:

    not allowing eBay links in B-Bag right now

    im curious as to what the appeal is? I didnt know that a bubblegum pink can demand so much. Is this a color thats desired like some of the other older colors, or is this a fluke?

    thanks for your help in advance
  2. i saw this too and what's even more shocking is that it was bid this high with days left in the auction. my first reaction was that someone got overly excited and probably won't go through with the sale.
  3. Well, they haven't made a vibrant pink for a couple of years. The leather on my bubblegum city is slick and lucsious. The first time I felt it I was blown away by how much more amazing it felt than any of my 06 or late 05 bags. It's pretty much new.....It's an amazing color and I'm very glad I bought mine last year for considerably less lol!
  4. ITA

    As long as they shy away from the vibrant colors and keep repeating themselves.....colors like bubblegum pink, spring summer yellow, and others will go high.

    But in this case I suspect a bidding war might be hiking the price up....

    Also, this bag is mint and has all the extras..i think that makes bags more appealing, along with the older leather
  5. sorry swanky!!

    I agree, I love this color. Im not sure I would pay such a high price though, I would settle for the pale pink :smile:
  6. Yeah,...the price is much to high to purchase....Better wait for another auction, or better still another pink (probably next season...I wish!?).
  7. I could not believe the price that bag was going for. I swear thats the highest I've seen a more recent Bbag go for.
  8. :sweatdrop: That's a lotta money for a little bag...
  9. ^^^ita !!!!
  10. Well maybe, but the person or people who want it set the price. Bubblegums don't come up on eBay that often especially ones that are like new. This one is beautiful and is still the same color as the mirror. It really is a beautiful color when it is new. The pale pink just isn't the same. If you are a true pink lover than you really only have a few choices in Bal. They are all past season and those that come along like new can be hard to find. Anyway my two cents and I myself am surprised at the price. I figured it would go high though.
  11. i know that's just nutzo! but totally understandable for a discontinued color in such great condition. A while back there was an 06 prespring gris fonce that went for about 2k. i guess if you really want it that bad you'll pay any price for it
  12. Nobody loves BG as much as our fabulous Deana. Congratulations on a gorgeous bag gf. :yahoo:
  13. the auction just ended for $2,025.00
    i just spot on the winner feedback (ha ha)
    seem like she's a SUPER HUGE fan of B-Bag
    congrat to her too -- good job!!
  14. :nuts: Yes, here I am going nuts for Bubblegum Pink! Was it too much to pay? lol Well, I would agree it is an awful lot of money, but what is a girl to do when Bal won't help us pink lovers out? It will be just my luck that they will announce a similar color for next season, now that I spent this on the First! But I have become very partial to bags that are new and vibrant ever since I got my Magenta and Turquoise City's that are both in mint condition. And this bag has as meemie said, vibrant color so new it still matches the mirror. Another point factors into my decision, and that is this is the last B-bag I want to buy secondhand. I may one day let my BBGM City go and buy a mint to replace her, but for now I have all my favorite colors from past seasons. Now anyone else who loves the colors I do...Bubblegum Pink, Magenta, Turquoise, Eggplant etc....lets all ban together and let Bal know it!
    I am off to walk the streets now, to make some money to pay for this bag!
  15. You are so COOL!!
    wait -- which street you go? I wanna make some money too LOL
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