First Outlet Trip Next Week, What to expect?


Fueling the fixation
Mar 30, 2008
I've read all the tips, but I was wondering what to expect as far as prices? I'm really looking for a wallet, I don't know what style I want yet, but I'm wondering if I'll do better on ebay or at TJ Maxx or if I should wait until I go to the outlet?


is happy! :)
Feb 2, 2008
Austin, TX
Which outlet will you be going to? There can be some great deals at the outlets.

Sometimes you have to dig through the wallets to find a good one. And the prices on the tags aren't always correct. Make sure you ask a sales associate to confirm the price for you. I found a framed french purse for $34.99 one time! It was marked $79.99 I believe, which still would have been a great deal! So always double check!

But I say definitely wait for the outlet. Most of the stuff on Ebay is from the outlets and the sellers are making a profit on it by selling it to you. And I personally haven't had any luck at TJ Maxx. I've been to 3 different ones this week and found nothing good.

Have fun and good luck! And please post pics of your goodies when you get back!!!


Oh it is love....
May 13, 2007
just go and expect to get nothing good! ha ha ha then you'll have tons of fun!you will deffinatley have a better selection of stuff at the outlet over ebay or tj's, and prices are usually good. i figure that bags are always about half off retail or so, and they always have stuff on sale, and they have a clearance section so be sure to check that out! just make sure you show us what you get!


Aug 10, 2007
I would wait for the outlet to find a wallet. If there's a particular wallet you're looking for and find it at an okay price on ebay, I would get it.

But if you're not looking for anything in particular, go to the outlet and see what you can find.


lovin' life & COACH
Dec 26, 2007
My suggestion for the outlet is to give yourself plenty of time. I LOVE just about everything Coach so I spend lots of time just looking and touching everything! I look at every shelf, every bin, etc. I always find things I didn't see on my 2nd of 3rd time around the store. I enjoy going to the outlet just to see all of the great stuff. I focus on items that were in the boutique to see if they have things I had wanted while there were in the stores and now at deep discounts. I found a legacy whiskey shoulder bag yesterday for 159.00. A lot of people have found great great deals at the outlets. Have fun!


Sofa King Delicious
May 26, 2006
Planet Coach
I would wait for the outlet also. To me it's more exciting shopping in person instead of Ebay and you should be able to find the same things. I like to recommended the compact clutch wallet. It holds a ton and has several slots and little compartments to hold everything. It's only $62 and there are also other sizes to choose from.