? First or Twiggy

  1. Hi, guys

    i am not very familar with the bbags and i have been contemplating on a bbag lately. Several weeks ago, I tried a city in light gray color in NM. However, i am not very much into the squarish shape. :girlsigh:

    I checked many threads and found that i kinda favor the first shape more.

    However, i am not quite sure between the first and a twiggy. In fact i often confused the two. Can any first or twiggy owners share which shape u like better? and why??? TIA:flowers:
  2. The Twiggy is more of a barrel shape and it's larger than the First. I only own the Twiggy and I LOVE it. Both great choices!
  3. Thanks for ur info glimmer. Can u wear the twiggy messenger style??
    I tried the city but the strap on city seems to be too short to wear in messenger style.
  4. Hmmm, probably not. I believe the strap is the same length as on the City. I always wear it by the shoulder strap (as I do the City) but messenger style would be tight.
  5. Here is my first and my twiggy. I love both, but I prefer to use my twiggy more!
    apple green classique.jpg origan twiggy.jpg
  6. You can't wear the twiggy messenger style. You would be interested in the Courier if that's something that you're looking for.
  7. Thanks for the picture elongreach. Ur apple green is gorgeous!!!!!!! :nuts:

    However, i remeber i saw one of the pf members wear either the first or twiggy in messenger style... it looks really good on her. I am curious as how can she manage to do it... :love:
  8. thanks glimmer. Do u think it is possible to get longer straps somewhere else??
  9. I borrow mimi's picture from the top thread (if it offended u, please let me know, i will ask the mod to remove the pic)
    it looks so wonderful on her with the long strap... :heart: Does this mean the newer version will no longer come in with the long strap??? :crybaby:

  10. I think they used to sell longer straps, but I don't think they do anymore.
  11. the earliest classiques had longer straps. they dont anymore. they were never sold seperately as an option, even though a lot of us would LOVE it if they were to do that... if you are looking for a messenger style bbag there is a very cute messenger style. some girls can wear the first/city as a messenger, but you have to be a weewee petite flower to do that! check out the wearing your bbags thread- that will give you a good idea of what the bags look like on people!
  12. If you carry alot, then go for the twiggy. If you don't carry that much (like me), then go for the First. I like the First for going out.
  13. i agree with Irissy, it depends what things you use to carry. because the size different between those two is HUGE...
  14. Aw! I don't mind you posting my pic, thanks for the compliments! ;)
    yeah, that's an older first -- the older firsts (s/s '03 and earlier) had a longer strap --- unfortunately they don't make them with a longer strap anymore :sad: sorry! but the first looks really cute worn on the shoulder too!
  15. yeah woo hoo!!! WELCOME to the b-bag side!!! hehehehe!!! i've got a twiggy and she's GREAT!!! she holds LOADS of stuff!!!