First or Twiggy??

  1. Which style do you like better? I'm still debating which style to get...(it's going to be my first bbag)!!
  2. i think it depends on how much you intend to carry. the first style is great but the space is limited. you can carry a bit more in the twiggy.
    you can get a better idea of the first style in "what can you put in the first" thread.
  3. I personally prefer firsts but like the fact that twiggys are so roomy!
  4. :smile: :P For your first b-bag I would go for the first! It's a classic style and a great way to start your collection
  5. Thanx for the replies!! I wish I can live near a Bal store so I can tested them all out!
  6. First most definitely. I don't like the twiggy at all (sorry to all the gals that do, it just doesn't work for me)
  7. I like the first over the twiggy! But that is because I already have a city which is really roomy. So if I were to get another b-bag, it would be the First!
  8. It really depends on how much you intend to carry. I tend to carry alot so I really like the twiggy style.
  9. i agree 100% with my girl BooYah :yes: ...the twiggy holds alot more, but the 1st is a great "going out" 1st b-bag was a twiggy & i think it's a great place to start ;)
  10. For those of you who have the twiggy, if you put a wallet, keys, cellphone, etc in the twiggy, does it sag in the middle?? I like the shape of twiggy, but if I don't have much things in seems like the twiggy won't be able to hold its shape compare to the "First". I notice a lot of celebrities carry the "First" & they use it as an evening bag too!
  11. hey, girl :winkiss: i've yet to buy a twiggy! i'm sooooooo behind ;)
  12. i'm going to say BOTH! I have both and i love them both very much!!! 0o0o b-bags!!!
  13. Thanx everyone! I have decided to get the First :smile:
  14. I like the Twiggy as an everyday bag. I like the first in a metallic for evening.
  15. cool beans, we can't wait to see it HappyAngel :angel:
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