First or City?

  1. I am getting my first BBAG next month and for a while i was so set on a first. but now ive started to lean towards a city. how much of a size difference is there. i dont carry that much. what size do you think would be better for these:

    * brush
    * wallet
    * agenda
    * cell phone
    * chapstick + other little things
  2. your stuff would fit nicely in a first.
  3. i personally prefer the city. :yes:
  4. Hi! For your stuff the first is ok,I agree with Odd.The City is capacious,never full for me,because I put in my bags just a few stuff
  5. It really depends on your preference. The First size is (13"x2"x6"). The City size is (15"x3.5"x10").

    My first Bbag was a First but I sold it coz it is too small for me. My main collection now is City. I sold one of my City bags but the buyer thinks it is too big for her. So it really depends on personal preference. Since this is your first Bbag, I'd suggest you either go see them in the stores, or fold a newspaper into their sizes and feel it.

    Balenciaga leather is soft, so you won't feel City with width 15" is huge. Good luck to your hunting. Please let us know which one you choose.
  6. For your things, I'd choose a First. You might also look at the Step which is in between (but almost as big as the City)! Good luck!
  7. the measurements speak for themselves. and there're loads of pictures, incl modelling pictures to show you the sizes of the two styles. there're also pictures of what the girls carry in their bags. here's one side-by-side comparison pic. click on the arrow icon which will take you to the original post.

    eta: go to the very 1st post of this thread and you'll see what can go into a First:
  8. I think it is really hard to make this descision. When I first saw B-bags, I thought the city was the perfect size for me and that is mostly what I have. But I bought a violet first and I am finding I really like that the best now. It is so much easier to carry than a city. I still love my cities but I doubt I will buy any more of them. Now I will only buy firsts going forward.
  9. thanks everyone. i've already tried on a first, but i never really looked into a city before, but i guess i'll just have to see. OMG i cant wait!!!! i am so excited for my 1st BBAG!!!!
  10. I'm 5'7" and the First looks tiny on me. You could fit the things on your list in it, BUT not much else. I always find things I need to throw in my bag and the First leaves no room for that. I say City.
  11. While First is cute and functional, I think City is a better size for everyday bag. It depends on how you will be using the bag. Personally, I prefer the City.
  12. I use my Cities alooooot more than my First. I think I've only used my First about 3x in the past 6 months, while I use one of my Cities everyday. I don't carry alot, but I prefer the look of the City, I can fit a sweater in it & it's more comfortable to carry.
  13. I vote the first. The first really holds more than what I would have thought it would but I do have a city as well and I am 5'2 but favorite is the first style over them all. Good Luck!!! Let us know what you decide on.
  14. I'm just repeating what others have said, but the first is great for evenings etc but the city is great when you need to carry ANY extras like a magazine, water bottle, sweater etc. My bag's usually not full but I'm always greatful for the extra space when I need it.
  15. I like the city best