First or City

  1. Can someone tell me the differnce between the first and the city? I have a LV speedy 30 (it's to big), LV Coussin GM (ok, not big enough), and a GUCCI "biba" perfect size. I carry a cosmetic bag, 2 check books, a cell phone and a LV wallet (Groom collection) about 7 inches long. What size would I need and what style. Thanks for all the help. If you could post pictures that would be great too.
  2. If you think your speedy 30 is too big, you probably won't like the city. Try the first or maybe a twiggy.
  3. What is the difference between a first and the twiggy. Does the first come in different sizes. God, I sound clueless but the state I live in you can't find a retailer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Go to this blog, it will tell you everything you want to know about Balenciaga bags!
  5. go to atelier.naff this is the BEST bbag resource, including where to buy! Good luck, I don't live by a retailer either, so this is very helpful. I have to call stores and have them shipped to me.
  6. How fat is your cosmetics case? I love my First, but I can't use a fat cosmetics case with it since the purse is only 2 inches thick FULLY STUFFED. So, I ended up using a cloth drawstring pouch for my cosmetics, which lays nice and flat inside my purse =)
  7. I checked out the site...very helpful. I'm torn between the city and the first. I just don't think all my stuff would fit into a first, I just don't want to carry this huge bag around...that's what I didnt like about the speedy 30. What size is Christina carrying in the picture you posted?
  8. It's 6 1/2 long, 3 1/2 wide and 4 1/2 tall. Plus 2 check books and my LV wallet, cell phone, keys, pen, random junk and the occassional time my husband makes me carry his wallet. Does anyone have one in Georgia and would be willing to meet me and show me theirs?
  9. Christina is carrying the purse. She carries all different bbags, but cities more than the rest. I would order both (if possible) see which one you like better irl, then send the other back.

  10. first is too small to fit all that. i looove the shape and look of the first, but can't fit all my junk in there, either. (yet i keep buying more. :p)
    city looks big but it's not nearly as fat (deep) as a speedy 30 so that will work for you. you may also want to consider a box. not very tall or long, but fits a LOT!
  11. the only problem with that is, the New York refunds. Only exchange or store credit.
  12. So you think the City? The 30 was like carrying around luggage...I'm only 5'5 and I looked crazy with it. The 25 is more my size..big but not bulky. Another stupid question....the first is the small size and the city is the medium size and so on? When I talked to the girl at the store she made is sound like there were 3 sizes for each one First (small, medium, large) city (small, medium...ect) was I wrong for thinking this? You guys have been such a great help.
  13. Does anyone have picures of them holding their bags? I need a point of reference for bag size/body size.
  14. The picture didn't come thru.