First or city in sandstone (or day or twiggy)?

  1. I am going to NYC Saturday. Woohoo! And assuming hubby is game (which I think the will be since he just got his annual bonus), I am going to check out the sandstone bags. I want something that I can wear a lot. Today I had my ink city with me at the mall and it was a little bigger than I wanted to have with me because I had two kids and the double stroller and it can be kind of overwhelming. BUT, I am afraid if I go for the first, it will be too small. I have not loved the firsts, but I want to try one on. I feel like some people feel when they say they feel like they are carrying a kids purse. Twiggy? Day? I think the Day will be too big for me. I am only 5'2".

    Please give me your thoughts. Elaborate.
  2. I have found the firsts to be a great alternative to my city bags. I carry them in the evening, but also when I am shopping or running short errands and don't need to carry all my 'stuff', but just the necessities. I am also 5'2". I think the sandstone first would be great! Good luck!
  3. I think in your case the twiggy can be a very good choice.
    I'm also a mom and I think the twiggy is very good alternative, the first can be too small for a everyday use especially when you have babies
    so sandstone twiggy gets my vote.
  4. I am 5'2 too, and love the First style. Take a looksee at the picture here. I don't think it looks like a kids purse. :smile:


  5. Shortee: The first looks great on you! I wish I was as trim as you are.
  6. Hmmmm I think Twiggy in Sandstone!
  7. Thanks Allison! It's all about the body angle! I'm fooling the camera :graucho:
  8. Twiggy! It's roomy enough to hold lots of stuff, but not as tall and unwieldy as the City. The fact that it has a shoulder strap is nice, too. Plus, it looks hot!
  9. i love the first, it actually fits a lot more than i originally thought it did. if you think the city is too large then definitely, go with the first! :smile:
  10. The first really isn't that small! I think it's a great size. Now that summer is coming, I am finding it's a little difficult to get the sunglasses in it, but otherwise it can carry everything I need - easily! The sunglasses will have to go on my head!