first or city in rouge?

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  1. i have been obesess with balenciaga you guys think rouge is too flashy n not practical? should i get first or city in rouge? i need help....thanks so much!!:biggrin:
  2. i think the rouge is a bit bright for me ... but .. if you liek it why not!! :smile: the first would look really cute in rouge ....
  3. I have the same dilemna too!! I like the rouge but think it might be too flashy in the city size. I might get it in the first or box then. Are you getting the old rouge or the new rouge that might be coming out later this winter?
  4. 0o0o0o0o, get a FIRST rouge!!!! But if you really like the CITY bag then get it in the CITY! :smile:
  5. You cracked me up Helen dear... always so hyper when it comes to Balenciaga!! :lol:
  6. :shame: hehehe!

    I'll post up my black bag pics once i get back from morning tea... you wanted to see how it looked on me right????? :biggrin:
  7. Yes yes!!! ::jumping up and down:: :nuts:
  8. I think you should do the City it would be georgeous in rouge. I dont think it would be at all too flashy.
  9. I absolutely love the vouge vif color ... it's absolutely stunning. Either way, the color is going to draw an observer's eye, so really, I think it comes down to which one is more practical for you.
  10. I am picking up a rouge Twiggy this Saturday that I have on hold at NM. At least I think it's rouge. They referred to it as "raspberry." I'll post pics of it when I get it!!
  11. Rouge in first so it's not too flashy.
  12. Yes, if you are worried about flashy, this color will be better on First. Is the size also your concern?
  13. I have the rouge city and love it!
    I don't think the colors too bright but it spices up an outfit.
    I wore it w/a black coat and Burberry scarf today and got plenty compliments...
  14. Could you please post a pic of your rouge city? I am getting a Twiggy Saturday which I believe is rouge but I'm not sure of the color. Thanks alot.
  15. I personally like the rouge first!