First Or Box? - Which And Why?

  1. hi gals. what do you think?
  2. I would say Box because it holds more but isn't really big and it's discountinued!
  3. I like the box. I like the shape better and it holds more.
  4. Ditto on the box. First just doesn't hold enough. Box is versatile to go from day to night.... I prefer it with the shoulder strap taken off the bag. :yes:
  5. the box. it holds more.
  6. I have the First ( beautiful) already I say go for BOX- its cute too!!

    what the heck...go for both!
  7. first, because personally i don't like a boxy shape bag :p
  8. Between these two, the box because it does hold more. Although I like the look of the first more.
  9. ^^^
    Same for me:p
  10. the box is cute and roomier than the first, but i personally love the look of the first more. try both out in person if you can.
  11. the first has an adorable shape, but, i'd go for the box, more room like the others said.
  12. The first is classic and is the perfect going out bag.
  13. The Box is lovely and unique. Plus it's discontinued :graucho: It holds a lot more than the First. However, I do this the First is a better style for evening wear.
  14. Both. But of the two I prefer the First.
  15. I prefer the look of the First.