First one...

  1. Coach lover for awhile but never bought one on my own.. But yesterday my wonderful boyfriend took me to pick out my first one! Its is the cutest bag I have ever seen! I think my addication is growing! I will post a picture sooon!!! I just need to share with people who share the same love as me!
  2. Congrats! What bag did you get?
  3. Congrats on your first one ! Can't wait to see the pictures
    soon you find yourself buyigng more and more Coach
  4. Oooo congrat's, cant wait to see pic's
  5. congrats, i'm always happy to hear about first time coach purchases.
  6. aww congrats, glad that you love it!! :smile: & sounds like a smart boyfriend ;)
  7. :popcorn::popcorn:Can't wait to see pics!
  8. *waits patiently for pictures*
  9. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing your new bag!
  10. Congrats! I'll check back to see what you got.
  11. Congrats.. what bag did your bf get for you? can't wait to see pics:tup:
  12. yes pic? do you at least know what kind of bag it was? ie- the name?
    lol you're killing us here:search:
  13. Congrats! Can't wait to see some pics
  14. Congrats!What bag did you get?When you have time you should post pics!^-^
  15. YAY I can't wait to see your pictures!