First NPB, what should I do?

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  1. I have what I think is my first NPB : ( They used BIN for a bag I was selling (which I didn't have immediate payment set up, I always give them 3 business days to pay) and today is day 4. I've sent the buyer 2 invoices, with no payment or response.

    Should I send one last invoice with a note requesting payment by tomorrow and letting them know I will have to file a NPB report if I don't receive payment?

    How long do you usually give a buyer before you file the NPB report?

    And can they leave me negative feedback if they don't pay? What if they do pay...can they leave a neg then?
  2. Non-Paying bidders are an unfortunate part of eBay. I personally have had very good luck and have received payment via Paypal literally immediately after the end of every one of my auctions; however, if it were me, I would definitely send another invoice stating that you are prepared to take action against the buyer. Did your listing clearly state payment terms with a definite timeframe in which payment was to be received? As stated above, you may file a NPB alert after 4 days, but do beware of buyer retaliation!! To the best of my knowledge, the buyer can indeed zing you with negative feedback which is sometimes difficult to dispute.

    Has the buyer attempted contact or communicated with you at all regarding a possible reason for the delay in payment? I had to delay payment once due to being stuck in Pittsburgh due to inclement weather at one point on an auction I won, and the seller was very understanding..
  3. Yep, auction clearly stated in bold red lettering that payment is due within 3 business days of auction ending. Yesterday was day 3. I sent a message to buyer through Ebay saying I would love to ship their bag, but need payment first and to please pay me by tomorrow at noon or to contact me with questions. Also sent a final invoice with a similar note in the payment box.

    Hoping this will either get them to pay or at least send me a message letting me know what's going on. It's so frustrating to run into this now.

    Ugh, I hope they can't leave me neg. feedback if I file an unpaid item report. That would be ridiculous! Especially given the fact that they're the ones who have failed to communicate here. Argh.
  4. You have contacted the buyer in the appropriate manner.

    Just file a NPB and tht should get their attention or some kind of response.

    This happens much too frequently, unfortunately. Don't let it get you down..
  5. I'm leaning toward yes, they can, unfortunately. :s

    What does the rest of the buyer's feedback look like? If they have a good track record of positive feedback, perhaps there is a personal reason behind not paying, like a family emergency or something..?
  6. Actually, it doesn't really matter what their feedback looks like since buyers can only receive positive fb anyway. If I have a negative about a buyer (rarely) then I just don't say anything at all.

    My approach is to not even pester them anymore. I send one reminder then file the NPB and have never received a neg much less heard anything back from any of them.
  7. 100% positive, but only 4 feedbacks and scattered over the last couple of years.
  8. I have my first NPB as well. I gave the buyer 8 days to pay and I sent multiple emails. I didn't even hear back from her until I let her know that I'd be filing a NPB dispute if she didn't pay ASAP or let me know otherwise. Now she's claiming she's having problems with PayPal... :nono:
  9. This is very true, I completely forgot about this policy! You are very right. Even if this buyer had neglected to pay in the past, you wouldn't be able to tell from their feedback; however, if this were a pattern, they would have been banned from eBay due to NPB strikes. Honestly, I feel that this eBay policy is absolutely ludicris and leaves sellers with very little recourse. It's almost as if sellers are afraid of buyers at this point... Ridiculous.

    Well, this isn't necessarily a bad sign; perhaps this person just doesn't purchase a lot of items on eBay, or only utilizes eBay to find high price items at a discount every so often. You never know with people these days...

    I would give it a few more days and try reaching out to the buyer again. Giving the benefit of the doubt, as I said, the buyer may have a personal issue which arose and is now preventing them from timely communication and payment.