First Murakami's to come to Canada from MOCA!!

  1. My bf JUST called and is purchasing the neverfull and AGENDA for me right now!!

    I decided to get the mm, since thre are still agendas availbale!! so they ARE NOT all sold out!!!:heart::yahoo:
  2. Wow! You're lucky!

    Which one are you getting? White/Black MC or Mono?
  3. OK, update

    the agenda that i want (white mc) is not available, but they still have the regualar mono agenda.

    so I will see my babies on friday night! I'm so excited!!

    And, im not sure if my bag will be the first murakami neverfull in Canada, I will just assume until someone proves me wrong hahaha
  4. congrats! can't wait to see pics!
  5. and i just got the MM, bf says the GM is too huge for me =T

    and i decided against the agendas last minute because i already have the epi one, and i should just use that one and not spend money on something i dont exacty need =T

    so I am the happy owner of a MM and ronde!! -D
  6. im so excited i cant concentrate on work! =(
  7. biochick, I am so happy for you! your boyfriend is awesome!

    do you know how long your boyfriend had to wait in line to get your items? what time did he go today? i ask because my friend is going for me too but he only has 1-1.5 hrs to spare. also, do you know how much the mono agenda was? trying to decide if i want that or the rond. thanks and congratulations! i wouldnt be able to focus at work either!
  8. wow, congrats! can't wait to see pics!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Woohoo! You are so lucky!
  11. Congrats!! For a minute there I thought you meant they were shipping some Neverfulls to Canada for us to buy hehe. In my dreams...
  12. I went today as well! I did see a lot of men there buying stuff so maybe one was your bf, lol.

    For me, I arrived at MOCA at 11:15. There was a short line to get in, and a slightly longer line to purchase. Then they will call you when they have your items ready and when it is ready to pay. The whole process (inc. browsing the exhibit for 5-10 mins) got me out of MOCA at around 12:15. Not bad at all!

    FYI, only mono agendas, rondes, and all sizes of the neverfull left.

  13. wow ally! maybe you did see my bf! but i think when you got there, he just finished with his purchase, he said he was like the 6th person lining outside the place before it opened! what did you end up getting btw? it must be great living in LA! you can just keep going back for more bags and selling them on eBay if you want! because not everyone can make it down there!
  14. ^^ you can only buy one bag per person because they either note it on your LV a/c or they take your info when you buy.

    I'm pretty sure your bf and I were there at the same time cuz they open at 11 and I was there at 11. I don't remember how far i was in line but not far at all.
  15. So excited for you!! Can't wait to see pics!!