First Mulberry shop in NY

  1. Hey, Mulberry fan in USA..:yes:

    Good news. According to UK Vouge Aug edition.There is an interview of Mulberry Creative Director. He mentioned that they are going to open thier first shop in the US in August on Bleeker Street in NY. He said "the area has a cool village vibe,so it's perfect for Mulberry.

    That's is not enough!!!! There will be an exclusive designed bag which coincide with the store opening. He said it 's gonna be Satchel shape which he said" it feels very NY"

    Isn't it exciting? I live in UK but i'm so excited for my forum members in USA.

    I also attached his picture in Mulberry factory in Bath,UK...


    Resize of P1010146.JPG
  2. thanks so much for posting the info!
  3. Yippeee! I just ordered my first Mulberry from Saks (haven't gotten it yet) but I can feel the addiction starting! Thanks for the info..
  4. That's great news! I was looking at their UK site and drooling over the wallets that you can't find here!!
  5. aarti, where are you???
  6. thats so exciting. i dont live in the east coast anymore, but i will be sure to go to mulberry store when i go visit my family.
  7. Oh my goodness this is great news! And the store is right near where I work, I think my credit card is going to be having some fun!

  8. LOL I KNOW! EEEEEEEEEK! hello mulberry goodbye savings! is all i can say!!!!!!!! ill practically live there lol, so who knows, you might meet me! soo excited..
  9. Fyi, Women's Wear Daily reported recently that Mulberry "already has a store on Bleecker Street in Manhattan, and there are three more U.S. units in the works."