First Mulberry Reveal

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm quite new here but would like to share my joy with everyone over my first bag from Mulberry! It is a gift from my dearest mother who was on holiday in London.
  2. Oops forgot the picture!
  3. Oh so exciting, a live reveal. Is it a Lily?
  4. Oh there came a picture that I missed. :smile: Seems a lot bigger than a Lily, perhaps a Bayswater? Black forest?
  5. I'm not really good at suspense so here it is! It's a bayswater in deer brown grainy print leather! I have to say the leather is so slouchy I had a tough time trying to get the handles to stay up on their own they kept"falling" over but I just love the slouchiness of it!
  6. Thanks for hanging in there, baginuse :hugs:
  7. Lovely bag dilsta, the colour is TDF. :smile:
  8. Thank you Lovetooshop! I'm almost afraid to use it :blush:
  9. Love it! A lady on the train uses hers every day and I always ogle it. Hehe.
  10. I love it, what a beautiful, classic colour! Congrats :biggrin:
  11. Oh, such a beauty! That color is really TDF! A great choice and I hope you'll enjoy her a very long time! Congratulations!!
  12. Thanks for sharing! :hugs:
  13. Fab bag and the colour is gorgeous. Congrats and welcome :smile:
  14. classic colour - classic bag , congrats it's gorgeous xxx
  15. so pretty! congrats!!! :yahoo: