First Mulberry reveal! & Definitely would not be my last one!

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  1. Hi Mulberry lovers! Im actually an LV/Chanel girl but now I'm one of you! After reading a lot of good feedbacks about Mulberry, I've finally decided to get one. It's a pre-owned bag which I got from ebay for $950 because the color is no longer available in the stores. The leather is very soft and it smells sooo good :woot: Can't get enough of it! My next purchase would be a bayswater! I just haven't decided what color to get hihi :giggles:

    Presenting.. my Butter Mulberry Alexa in Soft Buffalo leather :graucho:
    DSC01370.JPG DSC01372.JPG DSC01373.JPG DSC01375.JPG DSC01374.JPG
  2. Lovely bag Kate.....welcome to Mulberry :smile:
  3. Gorgeous Alexa and welcome to the club! Bayswater is my favourite bag :biggrin:
  4. Lovely bag! Congratulations !
  5. Congratulations and welcome. Lovely pop of colour for winter :smile:
  6. Gorgeous yummy Alexa. Welcome to mulberry. We are a lovely group. I love Bayswaters so definitely recommend one as your next mulberry bag!
  7. She's beautiful Kate. Welcome to the land of the addicted!! I'm sure you'll love your Alexa - my favourite mulberry!! :biggrin:
  8. That's a lovely bag! - I do think Alexas look good in colour. Thank you for posting the pictures:biggrin:
  9. Welcome to Mulberry and congrats on your first purchase! Can't go wrong with an Alexa :smile:
  10. Beautiful! The color is so yummy! Congrats on your purchase :woohoo:
  11. Thanks mooshooshoo! I love ur mini cookie! ;)

    Thanks sammiantha! It makes me lust even more..:drool:

    Thanks baginuse! I'm drooling over ur Bayswater Heritage Satchel! Its very nice!

    Thanks designpurchaser! Ur mulberry oak alexa is lovely!

    Hi CPrincessUK! Ur group welcomes me so warmly! Now I'm sooo into buying a bays.. :loveeyes: Thank you!

    Thanks Plemont! ;)

    Yes you're right! Its one of my fave bags now in my collection. Thanks steph22!

    Thanks Copenhagen! Your lily is beautiful!
  12. Welcome Kate, what a gorgeous butter Lexie!
  13. Lovely bag! Congrats on your new addition, and many more to come hehe
  14. Gorgeous alexa
  15. Lovely colour, so cheerful for the dull Winter days! :smile: