First mulberry purchase - REVEAL!!

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  1. After years of wanting a mulberry handbag and months of being jealous of all your lovely bags I finally took the plunge at Bicester today...

    What are your guesses?!

    Any newbie tips to look after the bag are also much appreciated!! [​IMG]
  2. Is it a classic like a Bayswater or a Lily? :smile:

    It should have a care-card with it.

    Looking forward to seeing your purchase!
  3. Next photo...


  4. Yes a classic!! Thanks re the care card! Will have a look now [​IMG]
  5. Is it a beautiful Bayswater?
  6. I think you'd get more people responding if this was in the main Mulberry forum rather than theshopping sub-forum - hopefully Mo or Addy will spot this and move it...

    In the meantime - I'm also guessing Bays...
  7. Yes you're right!! In pebbled graphite. Here it is next to my black laptop stand to see the colour. It's so beautiful I'm just too worried to use it until I've protected the leather and lined it. I couldn't find a care card in the bag - any tips? [​IMG]
  8. It's very nice, congratulations!

    I'd just spray it with Collonil if it was mine.

    The care card might be in the zipped pocket, in case you haven't looked there already :smile:
  9. How much was it if you don't mind me asking X
  10. Bag twin. Adore mine. Good purchase ;) enjoy and welcome to the club :biggrin:
  11. Of course I don't mind! It was £625 so a bargain!

    Thanks everyone!! It's so beautiful but I want to get it protected against the rain and get an organiser. I know from reading the posts that the samorga liners seem to be good, but are there any uk liners or with quick delivery?
    Or has anyone made their own?

  12. Thanks Ukpandagirl!! Have you got the same colour too? Do you find it's affected much by the rain? Does the colour look okay over time? I always imagined my first mulberry being black just because it seems a bit easier to care for!

  13. And so it was!!! Thank you princesspig. I'll read through the care card now and just ordered some collonil spray and gel
  14. Lovely- congratulations on a classic mulberry!!
  15. I have the exact same! To be honest, it's had a couple of sprays and has got wet a few times (light rain) and is fine. Probably one of my easiest bags to look after as I think the coating on the leather is already pretty durable. :graucho: