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  1. Hi ladies!

    So happy because I just received my new bayswater satchel (and first Mulberry purchase ever *_*) from Selfridges this week in the natural leather. I ADORE her! I was scared it might be too big for me because I am not a tall girl but it is the perfect size, so if anybody else considering the bag is worried about that, have no fear :smile:
    IMG_4327.JPG IMG_4328.JPG Question, though--in all of the videos I have seen on youtube reviewing this bag, the straps on the side do not brush/touch the leather of the top flap, but in my purse they do, when I pull them up to wear the purse on the long strap. Is this because the leather is so new? AKA will the straps stop brushing against the top flap as the leather loosens? Or is the leather on my bag just different than the old bayswater satchels?

    I just want to be prepared since I'm a little afraid of the friction of the metal parts rubbing against the leather, but in the end I don't mind wear on my bags if it's unavoidable since I want to use my purses, not put them on display.

    Thank you for letting me share!!!!
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  2. Congrats on your first M! Perfect style and choice IMO..... But I am biased as I have it too

    I have this bag from about 2012 and I am fairly sure the flap should not touch the buckles on the strap as yours appear to - I would think this will get worse as you load the bag up and carry it around

    I can't seem to post a pic at the mo to show you how mine looks - but I'd say the one you have received should be returned and hopefully you will get a perfect one next time.

    The flap will get crumpled over time surely

    It's a fab style though, holds plenty, easy to carry, hard wearing, smells divine, great for hands free if using the long strap
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    Ps try turning the clips round the other way, so the springy bit faces inwards - may make it better, will have a look at mine
  4. Thanks for the advice! Actually, I loosened up the straps on the inside that were making the opening of the bag quite small, and the problem has been solved! The straps were forcing the buckles to sit much tighter against the bag. Silly me >_<
  5. Brill, let's have a look
  6. Congrats on your 1st Mulberry! My straps were also squashed against the flap when I bought my first SBS, and I also did the same thing as you; loosen the buckles at the sides.
  7. Louliu71: A little long just from the shoulder but perfect for crossbody, which is how I wear all my bags. Taking it out for a spin now and love it!! FullSizeRender (2).jpg
    eliv: Yep, I wasn't sure it was adjustable since the sides were sewn but it actually did loosen up the leather! :smile:
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  8. Perfect! Must get mine out soon, can't seem to put my Bal away at the mo.

    Most of my collection are cross body - perfect hands free commute for me

    Glad you like it
  9. Congratulations Ceecee, a fab purchase :heart:
  10. Happy you could the solution to carry it! As it looks great on you! Congrats!!
  11. Congratulations, lovely bag, i'm glad you solved the problem :smile:
  12. Congratulations, a great looking purchase!
  13. Hi,

    I have the small Bayswater satchel in oxblood. Like you, I loosened the inside straps to the middle setting and turned the clasps so the flat side is against the bag. Seems okay then. Took it to the cobblers today to have 3 extra holes put in the strap as I'm only 5'3 and it was a little long. Love the bag and as this is the 3 rd attempt from Mulberry to have a non faulty bag, I'm hoping this one will be fine. :smile:
  14. Thank you ladies! I am a happy convert to Mulberry :3

    LW81: I actually had an Alexa secondhand years ago and really disliked the leather--so much so I sent it off to a new owner after only a couple of weeks of owning it! But the bayswater quality just feels completely different, very rich. Maybe it's because I purchased it new and can truly call it my own, or that I'm just more of a structured bag girl...but I hope you continue to enjoy your bayswater!