First Mulberry - Need Help!!!

  1. Ok, finally the time has come and I am going to order my first next Tues (triple points on my c-card!!). I have bid on a Hayworth bag but will probably be outbid, so it will either be that bag, the Somerset tote, or the Baywswater. Need help deciding!! I love the look of the Bayswater, but I am a pretty casual person, and it looks a little dressy. The Somerset looks great and love the size and the fact that it might be a little lighter in weight and price. Tell me what you think!! I have been obsessing looking at all of the pictures and have gone back and forth on brand and have finally settled on Mulberry. Thanks!!!:yahoo:
  2. Hi-Both bags are great , my sister has chocolate somerset tote bag and its great but I think if you buy bayswater you can dress this bag up or down where as the tote is more a casual bag.

    Also depends what you want bag for - the tote is a very light bag and roomy-the bayswater is heavy to carry around once filled.
  3. I personally love the Somerset tote, if I was buying another, which I'm not!!! this would be my choice!!
  4. Thanks. The only thing that I was wondering about was whether the Somerset would fit nicely over my shoulder. I am NOT model thin!!
  5. yes you should be able to-just when you have big coat on you might find it a bit of a tight fit
  6. Another lovely bag mulberry do is the hanover -these are a lovely casual bag and they have a longer strap than the tote bag.:tup:
  7. Thanks, I love the Hanover, but I really need a black bag. I am leaning towards the Somerset, since I think it will make a great travel bag. Have you seen the Hayworth?
  8. You could try ringing the Mulberry outlets as they are having a mid season sale-and a lot of the older style bags you will find here-they do mail order as well.

    Here`s a couple of tele numbers for outlet store`s,

    Shepton Mallet:01749 340583

    York:01904 611055.

    Don`t know if they ship outside of u.k , but its worth a shot!!
  9. THANKS!!! I am actually the winning bidder on that bag right now! I am so glad to have another opinion! I am in the States, so I have no shop to go to. Maybe I will have to talk DH into a trip to Merry England for my b-day!!
    Did anyone check out that scarf she has? It's lovely!!
  10. Guess what its me winning bidder on that one at the mo :nuts:
  11. What a deal - I won't bid! You have colder weather than me!! Good Luck
  12. LOL-No worries -may the best girl win:bagslap: