First Mulberry... disappointed and confused

  1. Oh how disappointing for you....I will keep everything crossed that you find another Alexa in conker, please let us know how you get on xx
  2. I called up the outlets today and no-one had the bag in stock :sad:

    I was told by two SAs that the majority of regular sized Alexas that come in are substandard so I don't think I am getting one anytime soon unless I'm very lucky. They said that the substandard bags usually have a small mark on them but apart from that are fine (not broken, bad quality etc.) but the leather on mine is awful! (I will post a couple of pics - what is the maximum size I can upload?)

    The people that I have spoken to have mentioned the 'unfortunate mistake' but aren't very sympathetic with me so I don't think I'll be getting any discount either!

    I'm seriously considering travelling to Bicester on saturday morning and picking out a bag myself!!! (about an hour and a half from me with no traffic)
  3. Oh, i would be fuming if I where you. That is awful and so disspointing. We get so excited buying our new bags and lets be honest they are not cheap, to open up your parcel and find a bag with pen marks on it must be horrible.
    I would send it back and make a fuss if I were you.
    I know there's been a few ladies that have been unhappy lately but I have to say my SA was really nice and spotted a mark on my bag that I didn't even see and sent for a new one for me, so I think it's just luck of the draw who you get really.
    I hope you get this sorted soon.
  4. Oh no XNadX thats not on at all - I can relate as I am dealing with a near identical situation just now as well - CO sent me a bag with sub tags inside and it's covered in marks and chipped brassware. When I emailed to complain they said the sub tag must have 'slipped' in (yes, underneath the wadding and into the zip pocket hmm?) and, infuriatingly, that I was told when paying over the phone that the bag was marked. Now, to my knowledge a marked bag should be a sub, and not mail ordered, and furthermore, I was never told!! I even asked if the bag was all ok and the SA had a look and said it was fine. I have gotten very little positive feedback from M other than apologies - it sounds as though there are a number of unhappy customers just at the moment. I hope you can resolve the issue with your conker :smile:
  5. Oh no poor you! That is awful... You are correct, you can't buy sub bags via mail order, only in store. The bag I received has a zero stamped on the inside but no sub tag, so I can sort of understand how the bag may have been mistaken for a new one, however, I think that the bag should've been checked over prior to sending. What are you doing with your situation, have Mulberry offered you a refund/replacement?

    All Mulberry are doing for me is offering a refund, but they don't realise that this has been a waste of time and my hopes (waiting in almost all day for the courier, sending it back etc.) all because they didn't check it properly. I cannot believe that this has happened to other people as well.
  6. I'm sorry to hear of your experience the bag you have ordered is stunning!

    I just had my first Mulberry bag delivered today from Shepton Mallet as Bicester didn't have it left in stock...they said it was new and unopened.... and today it has arrived as new and without any marks even though I was expecting the worst after reading the posts on the bags sent out by outlets by mail. So was quite relieved that it was in perfect condition - I would have definately been sending it back if it wasn't as although they have a small % off as in sale they are still very expensive items!!! ;) ;)
  7. Does anyone have the customer service contact details? I haven't even had an apology as of yet.
  8. You could try the following - not sure how up-to-date these contacts are but I'm pretty sure Rebecca is still with Mulberry.

    Rebecca Groom: Customer Solutions Supervisor -
    Sarah-Jayne Cooper: Customer Solutions Administrator -
    Gillian Pitcher: Head of Customer Services -

    Mulberry Design Ltd
    The Rookery
    Chilcompton, Somerset BA3 4EH

    Tel *+44 (0)1761 234 212
    Fax +44 (0)1761 233 436
  9. Cupcakes contact info is spot-on - there is another lady there too, Beth, and, I think an alternative no: 01761 234246 (Gillian - Head of CS's direct line) - and they are all lovely and imo most helpful and eager to sort any probs efficiently and to the customer's satisfaction.

    xNadx and kylie - I do hope your issues are addressed and sorted asap - let us know how you get on - we are all rooting for you!!:biggrin::tup:
  10. Thank you for the information, I will call them tomorrow. I have sent the bag back for a full refund, but I would just like to tell them that I am disappointed that I was sent the wrong bag. I'm hoping to find another one and this whole incident hasn't put me off Mulberry bags, although if I order from an outlet I will ask them to check the bag this time.