First MK purchase!

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  1. Bf and I just moved to a bigger city that actually has designer stores, so I took a day to myself after moving, etc. and shopped and explored. I'd seen this bag on the MK website and was thrilled when I asked about it and they had it in a drawer at the store. Liked it so much after trying it on and putting my things in it that I bought it right there! Though I love the shape and size, it's an odd purchase for me because I generally don't like glaring logos. I'll eventually switch the strap to a plain black leather one, and even though the big zipper screams MK I do like the hardware.

  2. Wow! It looks amazing! The way the leather and the zipper hardware reflect light is entrancing in your photo. It sounds like you had a lovely shopping experience and I hope you have many fun outings with your new purse!
  3. Very nice bag. It’s a great bag to go shopping and carry your essentials very good choice
  4. all7s; Thanks! I'm very pleased with it. Even filled with all my stuff it's still very comfortable to wear. I may actually keep the strap because I like how wide it is; very comfy.

    Sa26: Yeah, I used to like bigger bags, but lately have been cutting back to carrying just essentials. Phone, iPod, glasses, card case. I used to think there would be plenty of times I'd need something I used to carry in a big bag, but that's rarely happened and when it does it's never a major inconvenience. So I'm trying to curate my little bag collection towards the smaller side now and very much enjoying the freedom that comes with smaller bags!
  5. I hear you on the smaller bags. I have quite a few medium to large bags, and although I love them, sometimes they are just cumbersome and get heavy when I have to walk a lot. When traveling I would take the larger bags because of room for more necessities, but if I'm just going around town, I wear my phone wristlet. I really don't need all that stuff other than my phone, cash and cards. So convenient and light. That said though, I did get a few new really good deals on bags so have been changing it up and swapping out bags with my wristlet sometimes. I remember back when I went to a trade show in the city and took a big bag, and about an hour in of hauling that thing around, I was hurting.
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  6. Oh, and congratulations on your new bag! It looks really functional. I love functional!
  7. Same! I used to be into bigger bags, but came to dislike how tired I felt after walking around with them on all day if I was out and about. Plus I can't fit them into my locker at work. Bought a smaller bag to try, then a zipper card case instead of the full sized wallets, and haven't looked back since. I thought it would be difficult to downsize, but it has been a breeze, and I'm always a lot more comfortable when walking around since I'm not carrying as much weight.

  8. Yeees, me too I’ve also moved into smaller bags to Carry my essentials as you say, probably just when you travel you need something bigger but other than that : we all have enough with a bag which fits sunglasses, small wallet, coin purse or card holder, a lipgloss or lipstick and Phone.

    That’s it we don’t need anything more than that
  9. Very nice!! I hope you enjoy your new bag and new place in the big city!!!
  10. Oh my gosh, I love this bag and I’m not usually one to like logos all over it either!
  11. Congrats on your new bag!!!! I'm not big on logos either but I really like that strap! :biggrin:
  12. I agree, I felt so free when I downsized bags. I used to like bigger bags and big continental wallets, but realized my shoulder was hurting even tho I was wearing crossbody. It was difficult, and I was resistant to downsizing to just a card case, but so glad I did. I can't imagine going back to really big bags. For funsies (since I didn't use it for a long time after I bought it) I've been carrying my Coach slim wallet (still a full sized wallet) and find I just don't need 3/4s of the things in it. I can get by easily with just a few cards and a $20 bill.
  13. Thank you so much! Traffic sucks, but other than that we are very much enjoying the city!

    Same! The strap is growing on me, too. I've switched it to my Coach Nomad (I've been wearing my Nomads recently) and the black with white writing looks pretty good with that bag. I'm slowly but surely wearing the strap with the logo facing outwards instead of inside out where it's just all black because I do like the black/white look. I still feel self-conscious because of it, though, since I've always been of the mind really bold logos don't look good. But I do like the strap despite Michael Kors name all over it so I'm conflicted with myself now lol.

    Thanks! Yes, I really like it, too. It is extremely comfortable!

  14. Me too, I cannot imagine myself ever going back to big purses or totes, those smaller bags and card holders or coin purses help me find find everything faster when I go out.

    Don’t you feel that way that can find everything easier on a smaller purse ?

    and it looks more stylish. A medium to small bag you can wear with jeans everyday or take it to a semi formal event like bridal shower, a brunch or a night out with a cute dress.
    Maybe one day I should buy a tote for just in case I need it. but I don’t think I need a tote right now, I feel like I should have one for just in Case but I don’t see myself needing it.
  15. I used always have small purses and lately been buying bigger shoulder bags/satchels. I find it handy to have bigger purse with the ban on bags here in CA.Small purses are so much more comfortable! I think my all time fav purse size was the MK Savannah. It was a medium/smallish purse that I loved. I could also fit a light jacket in there ,and loved the organization.I regret selling it lol