FIRST MJ purchase!!!!!!

  1. hi!! im mostly new to the mj thread... hehe
    i've bought a couple of things at the mbmj store like those promotional items?? like the london t shirts, etc.
    i recently purchased my FIRST MJ bag!
    the mbmj lovely clutch in cream from Shopbop
    they were having the 20% off all bags so i utilized that discount (it was SO exciting)
    im still waiting for it to arrive and i cant wait!!!
    i will post pics as soon as they arrive though!!
  2. Congratulations! Post pics when you can.
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see you pics. I've always been curious about the MBMJ clutches.
  4. Congrats!!!!!!! Want to see pictures of it!!!
  5. i'll upload pics ASAP!!!
  6. Yeah! I love when ppl get their first MJ things!
  7. congrats! just to warn you, this is just the beginning of a satisfying addiction. the lovely zc is really cute. great choice. i can't wait to see your pictures!
  8. ^^ hi tarabag - welcome to the MJ addicts support group! congrats on your new bag and I cant wait to see the pictures.
  9. yay :smile: be sure to post pictures. those clutches are cute!!!
  10. Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures!!
  11. Sounds cute - congrats! Looking forward to seeing the pics too!
  12. thanks!!!
    i just got word that it FINALLY arrived!!! i will be going home this saturday so as soon as i get my hands on my clutch, i will take pictures!! YAYY i cant wait!!

    and thanks everyone!!!!
    i also added the clutch i bought for my friend
    bag 002.jpg bag 003.jpg bag 005.jpg bag 001.jpg bag 006.jpg
  14. ah! it's beautiful! enjoy :smile:
  15. thanks!!! im in loveeee with it hehe