First MJ coming my way!!! AND it's from a PF'er!!!!!

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy I'm so excited and my bank account is crying woefully - my first MJ is on it's way to me!!!!!:yahoo:

    It's a Venetia in washed rose

    Isn't she purrrrdy!?!?!?!?!?:drool:

    I'll post tons of photos when she arrives!!!!!
  2. Beautiful! I love the color! Congrats on your first MJ. You picked a great first. :smile:
  3. Gorgeous! I can't wait until I can get into the buyers bit lol :smile: sooooooooon congrats! Hope you enjoy it
  4. Congrats! That is just sooooo beautiful!
  5. Washed Rose is such a great color! Congrats!! :smile:
  6. Good for you!!!! That is so beautiful!!! Congrats & enjoy!!! :heart: Emmy
  7. Congrats!! I think washed rose is such a great color!
  8. haha, i feel the same way VenetiaWanter. hopefully it won't prove to be too much for me!

    congrats on the gorgeous bag, lv_obsessed. :smile:
  9. congrats!! It is so amazing!!
  10. Congratulations! i have the exact bag on the way! it should be here tom! i guess we're bag sisters!! lol
  11. Congratulations! It's such a gorgeous color!!!
  12. oooH! I saw this too and boy did I want it. I'm glad she's going to a proud mama! Congrats!
  13. It's a wonderful bag--congratulations!!
  14. Congratulations! Lovely color!
  15. gorgeous color! congrats!