First MJ bag - which one to get?


Sep 30, 2006
I'm thinking about getting a MJ bag but since I can only afford one and probably won't purchase another for a very long time, I want it to be classic and versatile.

Just from glancing at photos, the Blake appeals to me the most. Is it easy to carry on the shoulder (I know his bags tend to be heavy)? What colors will the Blake be available in? Any other bags besides the Blake I should consider?

When will the fall MJ bags be available in stores?


Are we there yet?
Jul 23, 2007
Sweet Carolina
Welcome, the blake is a great bag. The new MJ's you will find in stores are not lined in suede, which really takes the weight off. Older models you may find at the outlets may or may not be lined in suede. The colors depend on the season. If you want to view colors got the the MJ website of the ref. library. You may want to consider the MP also. I prefer the large size. Fall MJ bags will typically begin hitting stores Jul/Aug.