First MJ Bag Purchase....Need Enabling

  1. Ladies,

    I need a bit of help (enabling) for this purchase. I am one of the one's that has been searching for the elusive Blake in Bordeaux. Today I went to my local Nordies to continue the hunt. I found a Black Patchwork Venetia with chain on the sale table. I bought the bag and need some help in making a decision to keep it or not. This is a pretty big purchase for me. Does anyone out there own one? I was hoping for a bag with suede lining, this one is not. Give me your thought and the price you would pay. TIA
  2. ****Anyone????
  3. sorry, im not a fan of the PW venetia, i like it better with soft calf leather

    sorry :shame:

    i think you should wait for the bordeaux blake, now thats a bag worth spending :yes:
  4. Thanks for the input. I am just staring at it trying to make up my mind.
  5. Thanks so much xi_captain. I called them yesterday and they only had a it in cinnamon :sad:
  6. i actually do own this bag in the black pw. i like the shiny leather on this bag. however, if you are really looking for the bordeaux blake, hold out for that bag. it will be much more satisfying getting that bag you really want, rather than one that is just a good price.
  7. kitkat - do you find the bag is heavy? Do you like the lining?
  8. the bag is not too heavy. i wear mine w/o the chain. the lining is ok. its a treated linen, so it should resist stains much better than suede lining. it's a good quality textile and is very durable. do I prefer it over the suede, no. but I think suede might be too "heavy" for the thin patchwork leather styles.

    suede lining is being discontinued in the newer bags.
  9. Agreed.

    Get what you really want. I don't see the point of spending a lot of money on something you don't love.
  10. I would try it out and think about it. Do you love it when you carry it around? If you end up loving it, by all means keep it. If you don't, just return it and wait for the Bordeaux Blake.
    I did this earlier this year with a Dr. Q Hillier Hobo in gray, which I bought sort of on a whim, but returned a week later. The fact that it had no structure at the bottom drove me nuts (I like a bag to sit up).
    I am sure there are some reasons you are attracted to the Blake (and other bags) and not the Venetia; having a patchwork Venetia in person should help you figure out why.
  11. Thanks Coach Superfan. I have been stalking e-bay. I would settle for a Christy. Walking around with the bag now. It is beautiful. Got it for $544. What do you all think about the price?
  12. I agree with the rest, don't buy the bag just because it's on sale... save your money for the one you really want!

    The Christy is beautiful as well, and if you're truly happy with it, then keep it!!
  13. Thanks for the input ladies. I am going to try it out around the house. The bag is so beautiful. Maybe I need a collection:graucho: