First MJ bag - maybe?

  1. I saw the Black Mia Satchel bag on Saturday and I would like to know what you think of it for my first MJ bag. Does anyone have it? Love it? Hate it? Problems?


    (I tried posting a pic but for some reason it won't work)
    here's the link:
  2. Hi! I bought the Mia (the large size one) a couple months ago in Black, but later returned it. The bag was lovely, beautiful leather, but EXTREMELY HEAVY alone. It was also cumbersome b.c the handles clipped rather than just were attached to the bag. I usually like larger bags while this one held all my stuff, it was just so heavy and bulky.

    I have a Stella and that wasn't even as heavy compared to this.

    I also felt the style would kind of trendy too.

    Honestly, if you love it, get it, but I would get a more MJ style and there are some great ones coming out this fall!

    His bags are generally heavy-FYI
  3. The heaviness was a concern. Thanks that actually helps alot. Maybe I'll look a bit more before making a decision.
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  5. oppps sorry disregard that, i don't know what i was thinking lol!!@@
  6. I love the Mia ..the bigger one..waiting for a sale...then I will snag a black or nutmeg..VERY pretty IRL
  7. ^Anyone sees a sale on this one..LET ME KNOW! THANKS!
  8. I think its 40% off at MJ stores-call and check it out. Good Luck!
  9. Mia looks nice in person! Didn't think it was too heavy, I'm probably used to heavier bags now. =) If you are concerned about heavy bags, look for MJ bags with less hardware (ie. no chains --- very heavy). Recent bags are lighter too because they no longer have suede linings. The eluxury link mentioned Mia with Suede interior -- really? I didn't check the lining in person.
  10. Hi ,
    I agree. It is a lovely bag but heavy....still I didn't mind and bought it:love: . It is almos bigger than me jijiji (I'm 5'2).
  11. Love the bag, and used to the weight. I carry a MJ Blake, which I absolutely ADORE! The leather on MJ bags is just indestructible! And the Mia is gorgeous IRL!