First MJ... and what a let down!!!

  1. So after reading about the MJ sale, and having lusted after being an MJ owner for over a year now, I decided to bite the bullet and get the quilted beige Julianne for $625. So exciting!

    These past few days I have not been able to contain my excitement waiting for it to arrive, tracking my order daily, you know the routine...

    So today it arrives...
    This HUGE box looks so exciting, and I pull out a handwritten card with my name on it, saying congrats on my new MJ bag, pull out the MJ box with a pretty ribbon on it (the box says BLACK Julianne on it, but I ignore this hoping that the right color is in there, which it was), and pull out my new baby!!
    But the first thing I see is that it has some yellow/rust colored stains around the zipper area. Thinking that this is a bad sign, but that there may be a way to remove the stains, I continue to inspect, only to find that there is a flaw in the leather on the top of the bag near the zipper where it is cracked and discolored, AND the ring that connects the strap to the bag has come loose from the little peg that keeps it in place and is sliding around!
    When writing this, it doesn't seem all THAT bad, but when it's you and the bag you've been lusting after... it SUCKS!
    Obviously I'm going to send it back, but I feel like I should write them and give them a piece of my mind. I know that when ordering things on sale you cannot be completely sure that it's going to be in pristine condition when it gets to your door, but I feel like this bag is such an obvious damaged item, that the customer should have been warned before purchasing of it's condition, because it is unacceptable (and if they even GLANCED at it, the employees at the store had to have seen the damage).
    I feel that I was totally screwed because if I had known that this bag was in the condition it was in, I would have bought a different bag on their 50% off sale, and now I have missed that opportunity because of them.
    I know that many tPFers have been through this, and much much worse, so can someone please give me some words of wisdom? I think I need therapy!

  2. Sorry this happened to you. I agree that you should write to them and complain, you deserve to be treated better regardless of the fact that you purchased their item on sale. I hope this doesn't turn you off from purchasing another MJ though. Good luck and happy shopping next time.
  3. I would call or email BEFORE you send the purse back. Once they have the merchandise, you don't have any levrage. Take some pictures for documentation purposes and then contact them. I would ask for a full refund and some sort of store credit. They should have never sent a damaged product.

    I hope your next MJ experience goes much better!!

  4. What a smart idea!! I'm nervously awaiting the arrival of my MJ package from the shoptwigs sale. Thank goodness it wasn't an eBay purchase gone bad, and it's returnable but yeah now you've missed out on the sale. I can't believe whoever packed that handbag didn't notice the major flaws on the bag. Let us know what the outcome of this is.
  5. That stinks. I'm sorry that happened to you. I am really starting to think that many stores ship merchandise to online buyers that they would not attempt to sell to a customer in their store. I'm sure they know that there are some people who won't go through the hassle of returning a less than pristine item. It really makes me mad!
  6. That is a bummer indeed. Definitely take pics and discuss this with a shoptwigs representative before sending the bag back. Can you post pics here for us to see what has happened? I am intrigued on how it did happen...does that make sense?
    Good luck to...I am sorry for your dissapointment.:confused1:
  7. :tdown::confused1::sad:
  8. What a bummer!!
  9. Oh no! I'm sorry that super sucks! I hope everything works out!
  10. Oh no!

    I'm sorry to read about your disappointing experience. It seems to me that stuff like this has been happening with more frequency. It makes me wonder if it's the retailer, or simply the quality of the bags.

    Good luck!
  11. What a disappointment! That really sucks because when I got my bag (also from the sale), it looked perfect. They shouldn't have sent a bag like that out. I would call or email them before sending it back. I called them before I ordered from them, they were very helpful - hopefully they'll work things out with you.
  12. I'm really surprised, as I have ordered a few bags from them, and the bags & transaction was perfect. I would definitely call Alison from Shoptwigs. She is very nice and helpful....
  13. Sorry to hear that. I also orderd a MJ bag from shoptwigs sale and can't wait for it to arrive. Now I'm more nervous that my bag will have some damage too.. we'll see and I will keep you posted.
  14. These sound like glue stains (when they put in the zipper) to me, it happens around the zippers on light colored bags all the time, but IMO it's crappy that there's a non-removable stain on a lot of MJ bags!

    I'm so sorry about your experience & I hope you get everything resolved. Definitely write and take pictures, you deserve some sort of compensation!
  15. Thank you ladies for your advice, I am going to write them an email tonight and attach pictures. I think that the strap damage may have been done by someone who returned it, and camouflaged it pretty well, but when I took off the chain strap, I noticed that the clasp of the chain strap had been hooked onto the o ring to keep it in place, and when removed, showed the damage.

    I hope that the customer service at shoptwigs is as good as they say! I will report back when I hear back from them...