First Miu Miu Ever! Mini Bow Reveal

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  1. Hello! I just purchased my first miu miu bag, the Mini Bow in Mare. I am absolutely in love!! The color is a periwinkle blue but in certain lighting it can look super purple. I have read around about care for the glazed leather but if anyone has any input on products they personally used with success I'd love to know! Like apple guard or LMB products




    Next to the Regular Bow in Cipria

    Trying on in the store, For reference I am 5'3"
  2. so pretty! I love the mini bow.
  3. Really gorgeous colour!
  4. So cute! The color is beautiful! Congrats :smile:
  5. Love it!! The Mini Bow is so adorable! Congrats!
  6. It's so cute!!! I like the color. Which boutique was this at?
  7. I know right? it's such a cute size
    I had originally wanted the cipria color but the mare was just more vibrant :smile:
    Thank you :smile:! I love the color too!
    Thank you! The mini bow is just the perfect size I think.
    Thank you so much! This was actually at Saks. Now all I need is a pair of flats and some bracelets, you've made me want so much more lol XD
  8. one more pic :3
  9. Thank you so much! This was actually at Saks. Now all I need is a pair of flats and some bracelets, you've made me want so much more lol XD[/QUOTE]

    Oh really? That's awesome! I didn't see any area for Miu Miu like that at the Saks here on 5th avenue, weird right?! That's so cool. LOL I'm telling you, Miu Miu is a dangerous addiction!!!!
  10. Hi Guys:

    Please help me out. I purchased my bow today at the miu miu store and they told me it is the large size. for some reason it looks like the medium size to me. I know there are three sizes, mini, medium and large and large size is 14W sorta like that size??

    can anyone confirm? ps I got it in black but looks like a medium but the ladies at the store said it is the large size. In pics it looks bigger lol
  11. Surprising, you'd think of all places New York would XD! and yes, yes it is! my poor bank account has yet to see what it is in for lol.

    To my knowledge the large is 14w and the medium is 13w. Basically the medium is an inch smaller by Width, Height and Diameter. I'd imagine since they work at Miu Miu they would be correct in the size they told you.
  12. Congrats:smile: stunning:biggrin:
  13. Gorgeous color! Congrats on your very first miu miu. :smile:
  14. So cute, love it! Great choice for your first Miu Miu ;)
  15. Congrats on your mini bow!

    In regards to maintenance, when I used to work at Miu Miu we used shu-glo and found it worked very well with vitello lux. Because vitello lux is produced to have the wrinkly effect and scratched look, shu-glo does buff out some scratches. However, like all products do spot test it first. But vitello lux ages well, my bow has become a very nice soft leather, so enjoy it! :smile: