First MC purchase!

  1. I decided to forgo the belt, and bought these last night on eBay :cool: I've been looking to get a pair of MC mules for a while! The pictures are from the auction.

    LVShoes.jpg LVShoes1.jpg LVShoes3.jpg

    Can't wait to get them! I'll post better pictures after they arrive. I hope they're comfy. Anyone have these or a similar pair? :smile:
  2. Those are GORGEOUS!!!:love: I saw them on eBay but they never have my size!:rant:
  3. Irene, these are half a size larger than what I normally wear :shame: But I got them at a good price, I can live with them being a little roomy :P

    What size are you? I've seen a few pairs of the black ones listed lately.
  4. Oo:huh:oo so pretty!! Congrats!!
  5. Those are so pretty! Congrats!
  6. wow very cute congrats!
  7. Aww.. they're gorgeous, congrats !
  8. I usually take 8US or 39European. Give me a shout if you see anything, Cristina. I would really appreciate it!:biggrin:
  9. Do LV shoes run true to size or are they smaller or larger?
  10. They run small for me. I am usually a US size 9-10, depending on the brand, and in LV I have tried on both 40 and 41 and both sizes fit, depending on the style.

    Irene - I will be on the lookout for you :ninja:
  11. they MAKE shoes cuter than these??????? They are awesome Cristina!! Can't wait to see them on you!!!!
  12. hey Cristina 0o00o0, another fab buy!!! totally cute!!!! you're SO lucky to be able to wear open toe shoes for work etc.... wee hee!!! new shoes.... new LV shoes!!! ***hugs***
  13. Irene, you go up a size in Euopean? Hmmm, I wonder if that's why the Gucci shoes I got off ebay didn't fit me? I ordered my normal size but they were too small.
  14. Helen, you can't wear open toe shoes to work? I could not work where open toe shoes are prohibited :shocked: I have a few pairs of mules in a similar style to these (open toe, low heel) and a couple of pairs of wedges that I always wear to work. I live in sandals! :smile:
  15. beautiful shoes!