First MC piece..what to buy??

  1. Ok ladies..after i took a pics of my collection i realized i don't have anything in multicolore:shrugs:
    What would you buy as first item? not a bag, i'm still paying for my next in signature:rolleyes:
    then, what would you choose? black or white?
  2. The first MC piece that I would buy is a:

    White MC PTI


    The MC Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois


    The MC PMP...But after looking at it I think it's too small for me :smile:

    Can you tell I'm in the market for a new wallet? lol
  3. My 1st MC was a black Alma, but as you asked for sth. different... mh... what do you need (if you need sth ;))? I like the MC agendas... or a wapity? That looks great in MC! Not sure about black or white, I love them both... :shame: depends on the item, I guess.
  4. What about a Pochette? If thats too small, then i would get a MC wallet...My favorite mc wallet is the PTI
  5. Wapity? Looks great in white though..
  6. I just got a little black cles in a trade,haven't used it yet but it's a cute lil thing!
  7. I would get a belt...I've seen a few people wear it with white pants and jeans, and it's just gorgeous! Either that or a Wapity (just so cute!).
  8. I would go for the pochette accesoires in white
  9. The Viennois in MC is gorgeous!!:nuts:
    i'm thinking about getting a wapity for my camera..or maybe an agenda..

    unfortunely the pochette are too small for my needs :sad:
  10. I would definitely say WHITE. Black is my first love and I have black accessories BUT find they don't look as good with other bags as white does. I do like a cute mix tho.

    My fave multicolore wallet is the pochette porte monnaie NM. I have it in black. I am not a fan of the PTI but wanted some variety so I purchased it in white because white blends with other LV bags so much better. The black tends to clash with brown mono and damier ebony/azur to me personally.

    My fave multicolore item is my heart coin purse in white. Totally useless, but I wear it as a bag charm on nearly every bag I have, even other brands.

    I have a pochette accessories as someone suggested, but it never comes out of my bag. Usually just works as a cosmetics, sunglasses, junk holder inside to make bag changes easier. So I dont really recommend that. You could get brown for half the price for an item that rarely sees daylight anyway.

    I am in the market for a cozy purse to replace my porte monnaie rond in brown as a change holder. Converting totally to white multicolore accessories one item at a time! lol. I would recommend a larger wallet to use over this one tho.

    I saw Nikki Hilton back when Cerises first launched with her white PTI and her cerises speedy and it was SO cute. I definitely recommend white multi with your new acquisition! You can get a white PTI on eBay in good used condition for about half price. Just have the folks here authenticate it first if you shop eBay.

    Maybe you should get a white pochette cles. I think they look cute as bag charms and key rings.

    Let us know what you decide!!

    I think a belt is a cool item too. I have a black one. And am dying for a white one but I need to diet some I love matchy-matchy accessories and bags!

    BTW- I am SO wanting a red epi passy like yours. LOVE IT!
  11. I'd get a cles! Either color or both!
  12. white wapity
  13. WHITE multi color french's so elegant ...I love the white better than the black.
  14. mc pochette!
  15. I only have a mc bookmark so if it was me and i was buying my 1st mc piece it would be the keyholder, omg it is just too pretty! And i would get it in black! xx