First MBMJ! Cement Natasha, but need your opinions!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!! I really appreciate all the help I received in the MBMJ forum to find this beauty. She came all the way across the country to me (from a Macy's in CA), and she's gorgeous!


    She fits a ton!


    Some modeling pics!




    However, I am still undecided! I am not the type of person who picks over their bags, but I already noticed a few issues with this leather. I guess I was already worried b/c of the thread about a TPFer's Cement Sasha showing wear after a few weeks, but now I'm even more worried. It's weird b/c I know this bag is leather, but it almost looks like there is an initial layer of a matte, dark leather, then a film or thin layer of a more light substance that is on top of that. I already found some places where the thin layer is gone and I'm worried that it will just get worse with wear. I have never owned a bag with these issues so I'm clueless!

    An example of the spots where the "top layer of the leather" is missing. It's on the strap on top of the bird:

    Another shot where the color is missing. You can also see the issues where the leather meets the glued edges.


    Thoughts??? Opinions??? :shrugs:
  2. yay. glad you finally got your bag Courtney! I know you were waiting for quite some time. I love the modeling shots too. I have the exact same bag and actually went back to inspect mine as well. I think that if you are concerned about the leather wearing off you shouldn't keep it if you are going to constantly worry about it. I think newsprint and black was easier to maintain if you plan on using it crossbody more often.

    Are those markings raised on your bag? I can't really tell from the pictures. I had the same issue on my newsprint pouchette, where it looked like the "glaze" or glue, I'm not sure, was noticeable on my bag strap. The leather from this line is also prone to scratch very easily.

    I've used my bag for over a month now and the bag is still in great condition. No color transfer but there are some minor wear from everyday use. I have become much more careful with this bag however due to another poster's issues with the cement color.

    But it's a cute bag and I still adore it so I am ok with the delicate nature of cement.
  3. To be honest, since these bags recently came out and tPFers have already had issues with them, I'd be leaning towards picking another color. I love lighter colors for bags, but they have to be made in the right type of leather, KWIM? It's always good to be careful with your bags, but you don't want to have to worry all the time about leather peeling, color transfer, and other issues. Anyway, that's just my two cents. Good luck deciding!
  4. Thanks for your feedback, blackonmaroon! I just waited for this bag so long, I don't want to let it go, even though I know that's not rational.

    Kitcat, thanks for everything. You have been super helpful with my questions about this bag. As for your question, these markings aren't raised, it's quite the opposite actually. They are almost lower, b/c it's like the top layer is gone, just showing the matte gray lower layer. It's really hard to explain, but they are not scratches. The bag has a few scratches (which I'm fine with), but these spots are literally missing some of bag. So your bag doesn't have any spots like this?
  5. hmm.. I'll double check but I don't think I have any dark spots on mine. I do suspect any wear on this bag over time will be much more noticeable on the cement bags and not so much on the other colors though.
  6. Yeah, I really do love this color though, and I haven't seen the other colors anywhere for retail (I refuse to pay above retail).

    I have her sitting by me now, and I don't think I can let her go. This isn't an everyday bag for me (I have to use bigger bags for everyday) so I will probably only use it once a week or so for short periods of time (like shopping or going out to eat), so I think it will hold up with that amount of use, surely!
  7. Hahaa, I hope so, Courtney! Good luck!
  8. Have you tried conditioning the spots to see if they will look less obvious?

    I personally WOULD send the bag back if I were you and there were these imperfections, mainly because I normally don't spend so much on a bag (most my bags are <$200), and when I do, I expect everything to be perfect. With that said, though, I did not notice those spots until you I stared a bit. If you won't be able to find another one, and you really love the style, then keep it. If you think you can live with another colour, it's worth trying other colours out (Grape Juice!!! Haven't had problems yet, and you can see modeling pics in my thread if you need to see how it looks with jeans/outfits).

    Ok, so that was confusing.
    All in all, I think if you think the price is OK for these imperfections, then keep it. If you think this is far too expensive for something with flaws, then return it. If I didn't have to consider the price at all, I would probably keep it just because you seem to like the bag a lot.
  9. ^^^Just went and looked at your thread and the grape juice is just gorgeous! I have a ton of purple bags (b/c I love the color so much), so the cement is good for me b/c I don't have any bags even close to this color.

    And your post made total sense and wasn't confusing at all!! I agree that $400 is a lot for a bag (esp. not a full-sized bag), and I agree that things should not have imperfections. I guess the thing is the small problems I see now don't bother me (like you said I had to stare for a WHILE to even find them), but what I'm hesitant about is that these small spots show that the bag will have more problems with use.

    I guess I still have some deciding to do! ha! My hubby is pretty good with these things (he respects my bag addiction but is also impartial and tells me like it is), so we'll see what he says when he gets home! :P
  10. Hubbys know best.

    I just peeked at your collection again from the RM forum and saw that you have the dove grey MAM. How close in color is this bag to Cement? I noticed that you don't have a dark grey or charcoal bag...what did you think about the Newsprint color in the Natasha? It's also a very pretty color, but to come to think of it, Newsprint looks very close to the YDG mattie color. (I have a YDG MAM and Newsprint pouchette).

    I wonder what your MJ collection will look like in a year. :P
  11. Congrats! I just love the color!
  12. Thanks, angelnyc89!!

    kitcat, I would say the Dove Gray is more of a true gray than Cement. Cement is very much a chameleon color, sometimes it looks gray, beige, or even pink-ish. I think dove gray is a shade or two lighter as well.

    Don't you love YDG? I never took a second glance that the Mattie until I saw it in that color. Let's hope I can control myself with MBMJ a bit more than I have with RM! :P
  13. I like the color!
  14. I love it! Congrats on finding it.
  15. thanks fugitsu and Marcgirl! Hubby said he liked it so I think she's a keeper!