First Maternity clothes...hehehe

  1. Ok so I went to the store and bought some things and now that things have slowed down I can tell you all about it.
    hehehe :nuts:
    Well I got a pair of beige capris that have the normal waist with the elastic on the back, a cute white blazer (just because it was cute and it's not practicle but since when have I been practicle), a CUTE summer dress, and I did it I got the over your belly jeans! :shame:
    You can't tell they are maternity pants unless I lift up my shirt (which I have no plans of)...
    (I SWORE I would never get the over the belly type but the darned thing feels like sweats!)
    So I didn't get the pants cause I'm showing or anything but because of the pain I have in my lower abdomine I could not wear my own jeans anymore and lets not forget to mention the gas :noworry: . I look 4 months pregnant sometime because of the gas...:wacko:!
    I figure i might as well wear the really looking maternity shirts when I am bloated so it is a clear sign that I am pregnant and I don't have a beer belly. :amazed:
    Anyways I am officially 5 weeks along...and I was an emo mess yesterday :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:.
    Thanks for all the love and support!!!
  2. happypug now u have an excuse to shop for a whole new wardrobe :lol:.......the jeans sound super-comfy and ur pregnant so u should wear whatever u want to as long as ur comfortable.....although i'm sure u'll look stunning in your new clothes :P

    [edit] i see u changed ur avatar on me in the few seconds it took me to appropriate and incredibly adorable....
  3. Congratulations! :biggrin:
  4. You are too funny! I'll bet you cant wait to show. Dont worry before you know it, (if your like I was) you wont even be able to fit in a booth at your fav. resturaunt! Congrats. again!
  5. I can't I can't I can't...Like I tell hubby finally I will have some hard abs!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Congrats! My best friends pregnant and we both just go to experience the joy of maternity shopping ;) There is so much cute stuff out there it makes me want to be pregnant!
  7. Does this bring back memories or what!
  8. ^^^ YES! I feel like I just got OUT of my maternity clothes! LOL! Happypug- enjoy! There is nothing more comfortable than maternity pants. You get to let it all hang out! Te he he he!
  9. I just went to pea in a pod. They have the cutest jeans ever! They also had adorable Juicy sweatsuits! Try and check it out!
  10. How fun!
    Star is right Pea in a Pod has FABULOUS maternity clothes, they've come SOOOOOOOO far in teh last several years!
  11. That's so cute. You'll be a stylish momma to be.
  12. oh yeah it's fun in the begginning(sp) but after you have blown up it will be the least fun thing in the world. i went yesterday and it was the most dreaded part of my day. i sat and pouted in the dressing room for almost 45 mins. but im glad your having fun, dont want to bring you down and your avy is sooooo cute
  13. Don't buy too many maternity clothes in the beginning because your body will change. I lived in normal sized Juicy sweat outfits (the waistband fits under your belly really nicely). Also, so many designers are making long t-shirts and empire shirts these days that it is easy to look cute while preggo and wear them after during transition too. Check out your local department stores and boutiques.
  14. I have a lot of stretchy shirts (especially the long ones) and skirts and stuff. It was the pants that were killing me (especially jeans):Push: ...
    Today I look pregnant (like 4 months...I look like I'm going to blow up :wacko: ) and my abs are sore so doc said to stop prenatals and take folic acid for 1-2 days and the swelling should go "down":shame: ...(I know you all wanted to know that :P ) hehehe...