First mansur- which one?

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  1. Been wanting a mansur bag which one do u think would be a good first? Black or camello bucket or the lady? Cannot decide!!
  2. black bucket :smile:
  3. Lady bag is my favourite and if I had to pick only one to keep it would be that.
  4. Thanks. I love lady bag. Did u think the flap was hard like others said? Im leaning towards black or brandy lady for work.
  5. But also debating if mini is better
  6. No I don't find the flap hard, I just pull the ties and tighten a bit with the toggle and put the flap down. Never had a problem and definitely doesn't take any time. I didn't realise people actually used the small tabs of leather to thread the ties through. I only read about that here it had never occurred to me to do that as I don't find it necessary. I find it less fiddly to close than tying the bucket strings as theres no tying with the lady bag.

  7. +1 I do the same, it's really an easy and convenient bad to use.
  8. Black bucket! If you're worried about scratches I'd suggest looking into the saffiano bags at barneys
  9. Definitely THE LADY BAG!!
    Had the Bucket Bag and could not ever find anything in it!!! Sold it quickly and invested in the SAFFIANO leather Lady Bag which is limited through Barneys (or occasionally on Ebay with a trusted seller). The Saffiano leather wears better than the tumbled or the vegetable tanned. It is scratch resistant and water resistant. The size and structure is just lovely and it works with Jeans or dressy outfits.
  10. Thanks for the comments. I ordered a black lady and a cammello mini to see which one i like better
  11. black bucket definitely
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