First Major Purchase! Python help!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've never posted before but I plan on buying a designer python bag soon. I like big purses not just because of the trend but because I always carry everything with me. I'm leaning towards the Chloe Silverado Python Satchel. I really want that bag in white but I'm not sure if they have it. If anyone knows then I'd appreciate any help. Are there any other designer python bags that anyone here wants or has? Thanks!

    P.S. I saw a white python silverado on ebay but I'm not sure if it's authentic!
  2. hey there,

    I have 2 python bags. One green Jimmy Choo and one Brown Mulberry. Both bag are big and I love them. Python wears great and there is almost no maintainence. I am attaching a pic with the bags in them (green J Choo is in the frot and the mulberry is is behind it on the right). The only complaint I have about the Mulberry bag is that the tote handles are snake and that makes it uncomfortable on your arm. The Choo bag has leather handles which is way more comfortable for a larger bag. Let us know what you get
  3. candace: your green choo python is really unique..its got a really intense beautiful shade !!!
  4. Thanks Yorelica

    It is a really beautiful bag. My husband calls it the Magic Bag since someone comments on it everytime we go somewhere.
    It is also super soft and held up well. I used it everyday for a year
  5. Candace,
    BEAUTIFUL JC! Love green bags, especially python! Congrats.
  6. Audrey, thanks for your response! I'm beginning to think that ebay ad is a fake since I called around and none of the Neiman Marcus seems to have the python in white.

    Candace! Thank you for your reply also. Your bags are so beautiful! I'm still deciding on what bag to get. I'll keep you posted once I find out.
  7. That Jimmy Choo is super cute