First Major Bag Purchase...Gaucho?


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Feb 24, 2006
First POST--

I'm 16, Sophmore in high school-- (I realize many people will think I'm too young for a bag) but I started work at a nice job, where I could earn a chunk of money after a while...and have wanted to start a handbag collection. As of now, I have two Dooney bags and a Coach.

At first, I was SUPER interested in the LV Speedy, but now see it as a bit too logo-oriented. After all, if I'm going to be spending a ton of money, I want it to be something I'll lurvvve for a while.

So then I was thinking Chanel...classic...simple...

And then I came across the Paddy...

And now the Gaucho :love: ...I'm a bit unsure about this one because it may be a bit too 'trendy'?

I like bigger bags....something to keep in mind, any suggestions guys?
Chanel might be too sophisticated for a 16 year old. The gaucho is a nice casual bag, so is the paddy. I think you would be better off with a more unstructured look. Or you could get an epi speedy, no logos.
I think the Gaucho is really trendy and if you plan to use it for a long time, I think there are other options that will last longer. However, being young, I know you may want to show it off and then I would say go for the Gaucho. I just got the YSL muse and that's something that could definitely last a few years. If you can afford the Chanel that will certainly last you years and years.

So if you definitely want something that will last I don't recommend the Gaucho or the Paddy.
the gaucho is a trendy bag, but i think it's not sooo trendy that you couldn't wear it years down the rode. the design is great and it does have the vintage look about it. i love mine.
Out of all those I'd say the Chanel. The gaucho doesn't look like its something that'll be classic at all, but it is a fun bag. If you're looking at long term, the Chanel :biggrin:
I dont think its that trendy. I think the slouchy look of the gaucho will suit you best. Or you can go for the Dior Flight Logo Jean zipped bag...but that isnt really big lol.
I agree with Noriko too. Chanel is absolutely timeless and definitely does not have an age criteria attached to it. It is a stunning bag that will last you forever. I would go with Chanel (style based on how casual you want to go). I have never heard anyone steering wrong with the classic flap bag, but if you want to dress down, the cambon line is perfect.

Other than that, I would put both the Chloe and the Dior in the same running (especially if it's between the Paddy or the Gaucho).

Good luck! I don't think 16 is too young. I think it's a perfect age for starting to get into bags. Old enough to appreciate it, young enough for any style and to grow with it.
Thanks everybody for all your helpful suggestions!

Ive been reading on the site, and it seems that the gaucho is severely limited? By the time Ive saved up, then will it be gone?? :sad:

Of these choices:
Paddy, Balenciaga, Chanel, Gaucho, Vuitton....

Im not sure that the chanel bag would be right for me...its just a tad too serious, and the whole night Ive been hearing all these GREAT paddy and balenciaga reviews...

Balenciaga is a LOT of fun. I would definitely recommend that too. Somehow it totally escaped my mind! I think the bag style will be around for a long long time, the only problem is the gross number of fakes out there.

I guess I'm not 100% sure what you want to do with your bag. Is it an every day bag you want? dress-up bag? etc...
Well...the Gaucho is def. hot I love mine and the more I wear it the more I find myself liking it. It is trendy but very casual not classic but very vintage. However, if you are looking for a bigger bag then the Gaucho ( well..mine is medium) is kinda small I think. I am not sure about the large size but for large bag def. the speedy! It hold a tons and look cute with everything ( and very durable) Also, the Gaucho leather tend to scratch easily I think not as a everyday bag like the Speedy.
The Gaucho is hot, but I think that it's too trendy, and you probably want to wear your bag for a while. The monogram LV may be logo-ey, so just wait until the damier speedy comes out and get that. Otherwise, invest in a Chanel, you really can't go wrong, it's always beautiful.
I was given my first designer bag as a gift when i was 15. It was a dior flap bag with the same style as a chanel flap.
However, I was never really into it since i thought it was too serious.
I guess u might be in the same situation. You have years ahead to get all these serious bags, and they don't change style anyway.

So my suggestion is to get a more relax and younger looking bag to match ur daily outfit. I think a paddy or gaucho will be a great choice!!!