First LV

  1. So i'm usually a gucci person, but I want to expand my tastes. I'm thinking of purchasing my first LV off lets-trade, and i'm looking at the cabas piano handbag. What do you think? My only concern is that it might be too big. For those of you who do have it - how is the size? Is it perfect, too big, just right? Any input would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  2. Okay. I'm almost convinced I'm going to get the bag on the let-trade site. is $450 good for a cabas piano?

    Also - can someone take a look and just verify for me that it's authentic? it's item z21. thanks!
  3. I can't help you out with the authentification.. I don't know nearly enough about LV. But if you go to the thread "Authenticate this Louis Vuitton' near the top of the page.. they are always willing to authenticate items for everyeone ;)
  4. Let-trade is absolutely authentic!!!Dont be afraid to buy,may of us purchased from them before---100 percent authentic.Their shipping is really fast.Very friendly.!!!recommend!!!:yes:
  5. Let trade is authentic. no doubt, no probs. he is an easy seller to deal with, communication is wonderful and his prices are PHENOMENAL! 450 for that cabas is great! it looks nice!

    the cabas piano is a fantastic bag, lightweight and mega spacious!
    enjoy in good health!