First LV?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm planning on buying my very first LV :yahoo:and wanted to ask everyones opinion on what the "must haves" are for a well rounded LV collection?

    Thanks in advance!:smile:
  2. -Speedy
    -Cabas Piano
    -Batignolles Horizontal
    -any Suhali bag
    -Denim Baggy PM
    -Damier Trevi
  3. Speedy! :biggrin:

    Awesome first purse!
  4. Speedy in any line ;)
  5. A bag in each of the main LV lines would be a nice collection!
  6. Speedy!
  7. the speedy is considered a staple in any LV lover's collection. but you can also go with a bag that really speaks to you :smile: . my first LVs were pochettes.

    there are so many choices. check out or
  8. Everybody has to have a least one SPEEDY in their LV collection. :tup:
  9. a speedy and you don't have to get the mono canvas there are a variety of material that you can get...
  10. Yet another vote for a speedy!
  11. SPEEDY!:tup:
  12. speedy
  13. My vote is Speedy or Alma for handheld and Cabas Piano for Shoulder!!!
    Good luck! Whatever you choose will be great!
  14. Speedy.
  15. speedy!!!!!!!!!!