first LV!

  1. i'm a huuge marc jacobs fan (became one when he launched his marc by marc jacobs clothing line and his couture purse line) and now i think i'm finally ready for my first LV!

    i did a charge/hold for the onatah PM in cacao. do you guys think i should search for the onatah PM fleurs in mocha instead? i can't decide!
  2. the suede line is very hard to take care of.

    it really isnt a bag to use every day, its one to keep in the closet to admire that you have such a gorgeous piece. ^_^
  3. hm... really? i'm so bummed! how come? i figured since it is a dark color it is OK?
  4. It's too sensitive. There is a huge possibility for color transfer and water is it's enemy. It's not a practical bag and more of a collector's piece IMO. It's pretty though.
  5. yeh, listen to michelle, she is the queen of lv. she told me all about the suede line ;)