First LV

  1. Good Evening. I just wanted to share. I am leaving tomorrow night for an overnight trip and a visit to LV to purchase my first. I am going to purchase a Mono Speedy 30. I am so excited I can't hardly stand it! :yahoo:
    I have a question for all of you veteran purchasers. If you buy a bag in the US, is it always marked Made in US? Is it more desirable to have a Made in France bag? Do they have some of both in the store? Is it ok to ask the SA if they have a Made is France bag?

    Thanks so much for your help!!
  2. First of all, I think they have both, made in USA and made in France. And it is OK for you to ask the SA if you want your first LV to be made in France ;)

    But, the quality of both are the same. Some ppl prefer made in France just because its origin country of LV

    Correct me if I'm wrong :yes:
  3. They will most likely have both in-store, but the vast majority will be made in USA. Of course you can ask for a made in france, but they're not marked differently in the system so an SA will have to look through all of them to find one. If they don't have a Made in France example they can always have one transferred from another store,
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congratulations on your future new LV! Yes, you can get either a "Made in France" or "Made in USA bag" at the LV boutique here in the US. I've purchased mine in California and Florida and they all have "Made in France" on them. It's okay to ask your SA for your preference. Good luck!!
  6. it is special to get one that is made in France, I know the feeling- but it's also interesting to have a bag made in Spain or USA....... I'd still go with the made in France bag for your VERY FIRST LV!

    *CONGRATS!!!!* You must be super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. but they only make Speedy's in France and here in the US?
  8. I agree that they will have both if you prefer to get the MAde in France one ask for one. I am sure they have lots of stocks for Speedy!
  9. ^^ I agree and early congrats on your first of many LV purchases!
  10. good luck and early congrats on your first LV!!!! you'll love the boutique experience! :smile:
  11. Congrats on your new coming LV!!! I bet your SO excited!
  12. congrats on your first LV. I like my speedies to say made in france, just ask should not be a problem.
  13. Congrats on your first and future LV purchases:rochard:
  14. Congratulations you will love your speedy 30!
  15. Congrats I am just gaa-gaa over my speedy 30, you will love it. It doesnt matter where it is made, they are all the same.