First LV...which one?

  1. Hey guys and gals!

    I've been looking at LV's for a bit and am thinking that I might need to own one. I've done some research and am digging the Epi and Suhali lines the most. I've never been big on logos and prefer the look of leather. Which line/style is the way to go and why? I'd appreciate any feedback that people can give. I've got an LV store in town but I'd like to go in with some sort of information before asking to see the bags! :roflmfao:
  2. I don't buy into the idea that there is a "perfect first LV" -- after all my first was a damier Saleya PM. You may like that one. If you can afford Suhali (woo!) I recommend a lockit PM or a Le Fabuleux.
  3. it really depends on what your handbag needs are. do you like shoulder or handheld?

    both lines are beautiful in their own way. however, epi is cheaper than suhali (if cost is a consideration).
  4. Hmm, for the Epi line I love the Jasmin and the Passy and for the Suhali I love the Le Fab.
  5. Yeah...cost is wooo! It's something that I am going to be saving bonuses for. I feel like if I'm going to own an LV then I mine as well dream big! I'm drawn to the Suhali Lockit PM's for some reason but my guy thinks it looks like a bowling bag! I just love the shape. I'll have to check out the other ones that have been mentioned. I'll keep ya'll posted!

  6. i really like the epi bowling montaigne and the suhali lockit or le confident.
  7. Le Tal or Le Fab :love:
  8. Fave Epi piece: Alma
    Fave Suhali piece: Le Fab

    You can't go wrong with either! :nogood:

    Welcome to tPF btw! ;)
  9. I say go for the lockit or the le fab.
  10. Go to your local store and have a look at the different bags - the first visit is always a great experience and maybe you'll see something you really like. It's always nice to feel the bags and try them on before deciding ...

    I love just walking around :drool: over all the bags and looking
  11. I love the Le Fab!
  12. Get the Suhali lockit MM in brown. It carries everything but the kitchen sink! You might find the Epi a little too stiff for a first LV bag.
  13. do you have a budget?
  14. I like several of the Epi pieces also... it just really depends on your budget and what style (shoulder or hand) that you like. I mean, you could go w/ traditional or something completely different. I even like the Lussac and St. Jacques for some reason.
  15. Take a look at the Epi Alma or Bowling Montaigne...simple, classic bags!!!!!
    Good luck!! Choosing one is half the fun!