First LV... what should it be?

  1. Thinking about expanding my horizons and diving into my first LV purchase. Okay... so what bag should it be?
  2. I'd go for something that a lot of people don't already have.
    While I know the Speedy is a classic, it seems like everyone I see (who has an LV bag) is carrying a Speedy.
    So I'd say maybe the Popincourt, Batignolles or an Ellipse?
    Which do you prefer though..hand held bags or shoulder bags?
  3. I think you should decide first whether you want a hand-held bag or a shoulder bag. That makes a big difference. Are you near a LV boutique? Maybe you could try some of the different styles on to see which you like better? If it's your first LV then I would go for a classic piece because it will always be in style and fab!!! Speedy, Cabas Piano, Alma, Ellipse, any of these would be great!!!
  4. Ellipse PM- [​IMG]

    Popincourt Haut- [​IMG]

    Batignolles- [​IMG]
  5. and that depends on ur budget and needs too. how about something from multicolore line? or damier?
  6. batignolles was my first

    its a beauty and very roomy!
  7. Mono speedy is usually everyone's first bag.

    I chose the popincourt haut as my first, I prefer shoulder bags and it's still my favourite !
  8. Which line do you prefer? That can narrow it down. Something from the multicolore line would be nice for summer.
  9. Monogram Speedy ..... the legend!
  10. Yup... It's such a classic..! :yes: :love:
  11. hand-held: Speedy
    shoulder: Batignolles horizontal
  12. Really think I want a shoulder bag. Thinking Cabas Mezzo, maybe? Saw a Damier 30 recently and LOVED the feel of it, but thought the handles were a bit short, even to carry in the crook of my arm. Wish they made the Cabas Mezzo in the Damier line. Can you LV fans address for me how long it takes to "break in" a bag? Don't want to be toting around a stiff bag, and that's my concern with the monogram canvas.
  13. Oh get the Cabas Mezzo you will love it! Mine felt comfortable from the first time I wore it.
  14. I agree...100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: :yes: :heart:

  15. :yes: totally agree!!!! speedy in either the mono or damier and sizes... 25 or 30 :amuse: