First LV... What should i watch out for?


Apr 19, 2008
Toronto, Canada
SA called and said my Galliera PM is ready for pickup. Is there anything I should watch out for when i go pick up my galliera? I've heard about the "uneven colouring" of the golden plate where the area protected by blue film is lighter in colour than the corners.

I've also read the post on checking it inch-by-inch, but I feel kind of weird doing that especially when the store is not busy...?

Thanks!! I'm so excited :yahoo:


Apr 8, 2008
Sunny SoCal, USA
Make sure the vachetta is light in color and that the color is even throughout the bag, and no stains no matter how small. The plate must be evenly placed, is scratch free, and is securely attached to the bag. Check the corners of the bag to make sure there's no signs of wear and tear. Don't forget to check the stitches along the ridges of the shoulder strap and the opening of the bag; make sure there are no loose threads. Last, don't be afraid to ask to look at a second Galleria PM for comparison. Choose the one that is PERFECT!!