First LV What Should I Buy?

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I got some Neiman Marcus gift cards for the holidays and my bday and want to use it to buy a LV. I have enough to buy a pochette, but I kind of want a speedy but I dont know if I have the patience to wait to save up for the difference it would cost me. LV experts what would you suggest? Is there another LV style I should consider? This would be my first Louis Vuitton and I am very excited :yahoo:
    Thanks ;)
  2. I think you should hold out for the speedy. Its such a classic and versatile bag (and it was my first LV). I think the pochette is really cute, but not as useful as the speedy. It will well be worth the wait!!! Good luck..and I would go for the mono 30 btw.
  3. I know it would be hard, but perhaps you could wait until you have enough for the speedy since it's something you really want. I'm very impatient, too, and it was really difficult for me to wait to get a new bag. I ended up returning the two cles that I got because I realized that for that amount of money, I could put it towards a new bag instead. Get something you really really want!

    I would recommend a Speedy Mono 30, a Damier 30, or a Damier Azur 30. Good luck with your decision!!
  4. I always think Damier Speedy is a perfect choice for 1st LV :smile: Perhaps it's better if you wait for a few times, then get Damier Speedy?
  5. How with Mono Papillon?
  6. I think you guys are right. I think I should probably wait for the speedy. its just so hard to wait lol. however I have been waiting since december when I got my first gift card so maybe I can wait a little longer. Thanks for all the advice!
    Lvgodiva - is the papillon the shape of the bag in your avatar?
  7. I definitely say the Classic Monogram Speedy. I find the 25 a perfect size to hold the everyday items and then some. But if you're gonna go all out, then go for the 30. Good luck and post some pics when you get it.
  8. Yes, it's papillon :smile: but Cherry Blossom Papillon. With Papillon 30, you'll get small trousse.
  9. it all depends on what you plan on using either bag for. i have a mono pochette and its great for going out and when you don't need much. the speedy on the other hand is such a classic piece. i almost want to say that its a must have in anyone's collection (if you love the style of course :smile1 ). i have a both the damier and mono speedy 25 and its great for my everyday use since i don't carry much.
  10. I think both the pochette and Speedy are great "firsts" to have!! I was going to say hold out for the speedy because Im biased but actaully they are both wonderful and very useful classy bags!! :love: I say go with the one you like more. Both are staples and IMO basic LVs that one would enjoy having in the collection eventually. Get the one you think you will get more use out of currently and save up for the other one. For about $200 more than the pochette you can get the Speedy which holds significantly more!
  11. I think you should hold out and save for the classic Mono Speedy 30!! Perfect first LV!
  12. i think YOU SHOULD GO TO LV, hehehe.... Cmon go there first, try all the pochette and speedy and papillon, JUST, hold yourself, dont buy anything at that moment....

    and then go home, go to sleep, and the next morning, i think you should buy the thing that you really love, or save it. C'mon lets go to LV dear, :smile:))
  13. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for such great input, I appreciate it. I think both bags are super cute but I think I am going to wait for the one I want a bit more - the speedy. I also tend to carry a lot of stuff in my bags so its probably more practical.
    I will post pictures when I get it which probably wont be for a few weeks. If I change my mind and get the pochette ill post earlier. heres hoping I have the will power to wait hahahah!

    PS to cute blueberry - I have been to the LV store on Rodeo Drive and in NYC and love it!!!
  14. I'm glad you're going to wait up and save for the Speedy! It'll be worth every penny!
  15. go for speedy mono or damier , you wont regret ! hahahhahahahahahha