First LV wallet

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  1. Hi all,

    Im thinking to get my first LV wallet for myself and my SO.Which one will u suggest???
  2. Pochette wallet for a gal (fits so much yet easy to access) in monogram. So classic. I only found the damier pic on elux right now...
    Florin wallet for guy in taiga!
  3. well i want an amarante zippy wallet for myself and a damier graphite multiple billfold for my bf. i will probably get my bf's wallet before i get mine becaue i just cant justify the vernis zippy $900 price tag.
  4. i like the florin much will dat be???? very classic
  5. my first LV wallet was the MC pochette wallet and i :heart: it. my bf has a taiga wallet
  6. how about the zippy coin purse for you?
  7. [​IMG][​IMG]I love these 2 The men's is the nine card billfold for 315. The women's is a snapped billfold and coin purse for 505.
  8. Pochette wallet is the perfect size, holds a ton and is easily opened. I had to decide between Pochette and Zippy and I'm happy I went with Pochette, because it takes much less time to get into.
  9. The Damier Florin is going for $500, but there are several billfolds to choose from as well. DH likes the Taiga ones. The Florin in Taiga is $555. Or you could wait until the Graphite line comes out! That's a hot line!
  10. How about a vernis zippy wallet. I a thinking to get one for myself. Its glossy, big and fit all your cards.
  11. vernis zippy!!!! I love love love mine, it can hold so much and is great for organization. For your SO, def Taiga.
  12. I love the french purse. I have it in the damier azur to match my azur speedy.
  13. You should get the Zippy! The line is your choice :smile:
  14. Vernis Pochette Wallet in Violette is my favorite!
  15. I like the Eugenie, Zippy or French...