First LV wallet for myself, please advise

  1. Hi, Everyone,

    First time post here, so please be gentle.

    I was looking for my first LV men wallet and got the Bequia 07 show men wallet in Beverly Hill. I just loved the feelings when I touch the leather, it's so soft and shining under the sun. However, I'm sorry to say that the sewing thread on the wallet is just a joke:tdown::cursing: with so many(at least 3) broken lines and not even straight on one side. Maybe because it was the last one in the store or I'm a picky person.:confused1:

    Therefore, I decide to return it and get something durable, classic and thin(relatively speaking). I'm college boy with casual dress (well, gonna graduate in a year with a kinda conservative job waiting) and I usually put my wallet in my jeans back pocket.
    Please advise:confused1:

    1. Should I exchange the same one I already have?
    2. Which one is the "best" wallet for me? Besides the Utah wallet, I'm pretty open to any wallet as long as it can be fit in my back pocket.

    Thanks everybody!!:smile:
  2. Try the pocket organizer. It is a great size and shape.
  3. Thanks, but I feel is kinda small for me.