First LV suggestions?

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  1. Never have I bought anything LV and I'm wondering what should be my first official LV?

    here's some of the products i'm thinking

    LV clés
    LV wallet - Emilie maybe?
  2. my first purchase was a card case. i use it everyday. i think this piece is 5 years old i think. its all the time in my pocket. got a comment from someone when i was opening a door at work with it.
  3. The cles would be a great first piece, I carry mine with me every day!
  4. the cles. i can actually do without my wallet most of the time bc my cles can hold a few card and that's what i use with my keys attached.
  5. I love my Cles'. It's a very useful piece and I think it would be a great choice!
  6. +1 for the key pouch/ cles :smile:
  7. Cles in empreinte leather was also my first piece, it is lovely.. Also recommend the compact curieuse wallet if you like the empreinte leather..
  8. I say go with the wallet. The cles is small...and if you carry more than two cards and some cash, you will just end up needing to buy a wallet anyway. Might as well start with it.
  9. Mini pochette or cles empreinte
  10. My first purchase was a Stephen Sprouse leopard scarf. I now have a Sarah wallet and key pouch. Still trying to decide on first bag, it's hard.

    I'm thinking Neverful right now. have fun deciding though. ;)
  11. I would just get a wallet. Spend a little more and have a more substantial piece.
  12. wallet, you will really use it everyday
    mini pochette, you can use it as a simple wallet, and it holds all you put in a wallet, just all together
    I personally think cles is too small n thin to hold my essential, so not an option
    or spend more to get a speedy? my first purchase was a speedy b, then a wallet.
  13. I was thinking of an compact curieuse wallet, I'm only worried about the leather sticking after awhile
  14. I've considered a speedy but it's not my style, I would just get the biggest size to travel with
  15. I have the compact Curieuse wallet. If you don't store it or expose to high heat, shouldn't be sticky. My 1st LV was the Neverfull.