First LV Speedy; Mini Lin or Mono Canvas?

  1. I am thinking about making the plunge and getting my first LV bag. Even though I fell in :heart: :heart: :heart: with the Stephen not sure it's going to be do-able as my first LV. :p

    What I can't decide is... Speedy, Mini Lin or Monogram Canvas???

    Would love some advice from the pros!

    I won't say which I am leaning more towards 'cause I don't want it to sway any of your suggestions. But, I do have ONE question. I can't find the Mini Lin Speedy on eluxury, does it retail for significantly more than the Mono Canvas speedy? Does anyone know?

    Also will most of the key rings fit on the handle hardware, to decorate the outside of the bag a bit? I REALLY LOVE the "Jack & Lucy" key holder, and the Gold Address key holder.

    THANK YOU! :smile:
  2. oh, what is the gold address key holder?

    i'd go mono mini. i'll check the price diff when i go out today. either way, it's mono, which is a great cornerstone for a collection. but the mini lin is not as 'done' as the regular mono. it's great!
  3. I have the mono speedy 25 and I can't tell you enough how much I LOOOOVE it!!!! It's just my favorite bag in the whole world and I am still in the "newlywed" stage of loving it (as if you couldn't tell!) I have seen the mini lin in pictures and I think it's beautiful as well...............but I would tell you to get the mono speedy. Good luck with your decision!
  4. mini lin!
  5. Monogram Speedy, I have this in the Mono Speedy 25. I still love her! She's so beautiful. :love:
  6. i always think a mono bag is a great first bag but the mini lin is beautiful!

    i believe that you can hook any keychain to the outside handles.

    good luck with your decision!
  7. I would say the Speedy Mono!!!
  8. mini lin...mono speedy 25 is so common.
  9. I got my Mini Lin Speedy yesterday and I love it! It's my first Speedy and it was $675.
  10. Oh, thank you, that's not bad at all.
  11. mono speedy
  12. I say go for the mono speedy too! I like it a little more than the mini lin :yes:
  13. I think after looking at your collection(it's fabulous btw) and seeing your taste you would be happiest with a mini lin. For a mono canvas bag you might want to try a different style rather than one that is ultra popular.
  14. I think you're getting to know me really fast. :p I actually was REALLY leaning more towards the Mini Lin actually. I need variation, the norm bores me. That's why I felt like I needed a cute key holder or charm for it too. :heart: I might call our closest stores this weekend and see who has it, since it's not on elux.

    Thank you everyone. :smile:
  15. hello. i got the mini lin speedy, and i love it. it was not more expensive... i got mine for $675 at Neiman Marcus. my coworker has the monogram, and she's already sick of hers... i'm still in love with mine! i don't see it around as much as i see the mono around. good luck looking! :smile: