First LV: Speedy 30 or Lockit?


Which will be my first LV?

  1. Mono Speedy 30

  2. Black Epi Speedy 30

  3. Mono Lockit

  4. Verone Suhali Lockit

  5. Black Suhali Lockit

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  1. I have lots of designer bags, but have never taken the LV plunge. However, I have seen a few around town lately and they are starting to grow on me. The ones I have seen were Speedy 25s or 30s, but I also really like the shape of the Lockit. If I went with the Speedy, I would do a black epi or a regular monogram. If the Lockit, I would either do the monogram or the Suhali (the smaller size, probably) in the verone or black color. I need to carry (at the bare minimum) the following: iPod (large size), wallet, BlackBerry, one cosmetic bag, lipgloss, etc. I wonder about the ease of accessing items in the Speedy, so if anyone has comments on that versus the Lockit I would love to hear them. Also, if anyone has a side-by-side pic of the two, I would love to see it! TIA!
  2. i voted for the classic mono speedy.
  3. I would pick the Suhali Lockit in Black ... so timeless and classy yet understated.
  4. Since its your 1st LV, I'd go out with a bang and get the Black Suhali Lockit. :tup:

    It is so *GORGEOUS* and *CHIC*.
  5. suhali lockit... black or verone... they are just sooo classic and elegant... i'm not a big fan of speedy and they are faked very often.. i'd definitely buy a suhali... if u don't like lockit you can always get le talentueux
  6. Lockit, the speedy's are everywhere and more fakes around too
  7. Speedy is a institution. The best first LV bag, it is just the definition of the word classic
  8. I voted for the Suhali black Lockit. Start off your LV collection with a not so common bag!
  9. Black Suhali Lockit PM all the way!
  10. I vote for Mono Speedy 30 but I like Damier Ebony Speedy 30 and White/Blue Suhali Lockit
  11. The suhali lockit is hard to beat in either color.
  12. Bottom line, Speedy is timeless...It IS LV, it defines the entire line IMO.

    So if you want something timeless, vintage, classic, forever... go with Speedy (I will add that re-sale is a bonus).

    If you want something new, forward, now....go with the Lockit (it's hot....for now).
  13. The speedy is a classic, but the locket is a really lovely shape. I don't think either really has an advantage over the other in acessibility.. personally, I'd get the speedy first though !
  14. The Speedy is definitely the more affordable choice vs. the Suhali...does anyone have comments on how Suhali wears over time? Is it easy to find things in the Speedy? I was worried about the size of the opening. Part of my hesitancy toward LV has been the fake issue, but I have seen some really nice monogram bags lately and they seem to go with a lot. <sigh>

    Keep the advice coming ladies! You are my LV experts!
  15. Mono Speedy for me!!