First Lv Purchases.. but not for me :)

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  1. I was so sure i was gonna get my first Lv on my recent trip to the Uk and Dubai... i liked many bags but i didn't as such fall in love with a design, so i thought i'd wait for another season and the next trip which won't be very far...

    However i did buy some stuff for my Dear Daddy :biggrin: i love him alot! hes the most amazing father ever!

    First is a pair of shoes..
    The sole is really comfortable, the LV logo is just the right size and most importantly my dad liked them :tup:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Second is Tie.. i am not too good at choosing ties but i reallllyyy liked this one.. so i had to get it for dad!!

    Hope you guys like!!

  2. What a sweet daughter you are!
    I LOVE the purchases!
  3. ^ thnk u for appreciating :biggrin:
  4. Beautiful purchases! I'm sure your dad will love them. :okay:
  5. I like them -- what great gifts for your Dad!
  6. Wow.. I'm so excited for your Dad!
  7. What a lucky Dad to have such a thoughtful daughter. Do you want a sister by any chance? :shame:
  8. Those are great picks for your dad! You're too sweet!
  9. You're such a wonderful daughter! Congrats on your purchases they're gorgeous
  10. Oh...Cuteness !!! You're indeed a sweet daughter! Who could ask for more?!!! Congrats and definitely, your dad will love it!
  11. aww that's so sweet of you! =)
    i hope he appreciates the presents. =)
  12. those are great buys! wow, you're such a sweet daughter...i bet he loved these!
  13. Love them, he's lucky to have such a sweet daughter!
  14. such a cool daughter u are!
  15. Very nice. I am glad your father liked them. You are very thoughtful.